Last updated: October 6, 2023

Sophos Intercept X Anti-Virus is provided on every managed workstation. It provides real-time scanning and runs periodic scans of your computer. Review the information below and follow the best practices in preventing unwanted malware and viruses.

  • Note: If you get a non-cleanable malware or virus infection, your computer will need to be replaced or re-imaged. MWS will re-image your workstation at no charge if the computer has a virus infection.
  • Do not save important data locally, use a shared drive such as your H or I drive or another file storage option that is available.
  • Do not leave your machine logged in and unattended (use the Window key + L to lock it).
  • Practice safety! Be vigilant on the Web and email:
    • Don’t immediately click on links–first hover! Hover your mouse over links in email–this displays the actual destination.
    • Don’t click or call! If the message or its links ask for any personal information, contact the company directly. Do not use the phone number or email link in the message.
    • If you have entered your UW NetID credentials into a bogus site, you should change your password at the valid UW site. Go to the UW home page and search on change password or type or copy this URL into your browser:
  • We provide some assessment and mitigation of broadly affecting vulnerabilities specific to Windows workstations. If in doubt about a specific vulnerability, ask us.
  • Review the UW CISO’s recommendations about securing laptops.
  • Your department may want to review additional security configurations you can take by reading the information on our Security Design page.