Exchange Support

Last updated: August 31, 2022

With one minor exception (installation & patching of Outlook), the Managed Workstation service rate does not provide any Exchange support.

Managed Workstation does provide some Exchange support on a consulting (cost-recovery) basis, but this support is limited. Across the board, the Exchange support that Managed Workstation provides is limited to those users who are included in an MWS eligibility group–we don’t support any users outside our eligibility groups. Additionally, we do not provide support for all possible Exchange capabilities–more details are noted below.

The following chart explains the possible Exchange capabilities. It notes which capabilities are provided at no additional cost as part of the Microsoft Collaborative Applications (MSCA) service. The chart notes which capabilities can be provided by any willing IT organization. And finally, the chart notes which Exchange capabilities Managed Workstation provides, and in some cases with some notes about our future plans about that support.

If the capabilities provided by Managed Workstation are insufficient for your needs, we recommend exploring obtaining your own Exchange support group by talking with the MSCA service.

Included in MSCA Possible via Exchange support group MWS
Mailbox provisioning X
Access to email through OWA X
Providing users with email access support cases they can work directly with Microsoft X
Support from the AAREQ process (Out of Office and email dumps) X
Installation and maintenance of Office 365 ProPlus client X
Resource mailbox provisioning as requested X Consulting
Endorsement for contractors (or other non-employee/non-students) X Consulting¹
Reports of users forwarding X Consulting
Reports on Outlook for IOS and Android use X
Reports on mailbox rules X Consulting
Reports on mailbox size and usage X Consulting
For fee support direct from Microsoft support for Outlook and Office client issues X  Consulting
Design, configure and train for a resource booking process (resource mailboxes) X Consulting²
Help with Provisioning Shared UW NetID’s for use with Exchange and Outlook including send-as and full access settings X Consulting²
Design, configuration and train on user delegation scenarios X Consulting
Troubleshooting of user calendar issues X Consulting³
Email retention, archiving and information architecture advice and assistance X  Consulting
Installation and maintenance of Outlook and Office desktop (fat) clients X Core⁴
Troubleshooting of outlook issues X Consulting⁵

¹ Exchange Support Group needed to setup endorsement group. MWS not involved beyond this initial endorsement group setup.

² Present: MWS provides this manually. Future planned enhancement: MWS provides documentation on common options and corresponding scenarios, along with a corresponding structure request. Offer ownership of form(s) to MSCA.

³ Present: MWS provides this manually. Future planned enhancement: MWS writes documentation that has best-practice guidance and bottom line that there is no “fix” for any calendar issues–only workarounds. MWS assistance is limited to referencing this guidance, because anything further is a poor use of everyone’s time. Offer documentation to MSCA.

⁴ “Core” means this is covered by the Managed Workstation monthly rate. Software distribution and Microsoft updates are a key component of what the Managed Workstation service provides.

⁵ Present: MWS provides limited consulting. Most Outlook issues are complex, and caused by a configuration which is not well-documented as not recommended; for some scenarios, Outlook should not be used and the end of our assistance may be to recommend use of OWA.
Future planned enhancement: MWS writes documentation for MWS Tier 1 (UW-IT Service Center) with most common customer workarounds. Escalation to Tier 2, on limited consulting basis. Offer documentation to MSCA for all customers.