My Workstation

Last updated: August 26, 2022

Information for individuals about using their own managed workstation computer.

Using Your Computer

  • Using Your Computer Learn about the basics of using a managed workstation computer. If you’re new, start here!
  • Software Explore the software options available through your managed workstation’s software center, and discover how to download new software to your computer.
  • Using Outlook Learn how to configure and use email and calendaring applications on your managed workstation.
  • Managing Your Browser Bookmarks How to automatically backup your browser bookmarks to the cloud.
  • Printing Find information on using a printer with your managed workstation and options for support .
  • Mac Support What you need to know about using a Mac with the managed workstation service.
  • Add a Shared Mailbox In Outlook Learn how to add a shared Exchange mailbox as an additional mailbox in Outlook.

Connecting Remotely

  • Connecting remotely Learn how to access your managed workstation from wherever you have a strong internet connection.
  • Managed Workstation VPN Find steps on how to configure and use the MWS VPN to connect securely to the UW Network from off-campus.

Online Storage


  • Security Keep your managed workstation safe, secure and virus free with these security basics.
  • LastPass Learn how to securely manage your passwords with ease using LastPass
  • Malware Infections What to do if your computer becomes infected with malware
  • Admin Access How to add administrators to your managed workstation.


  • Windows Updates Learn more about how Windows and MWS keeps your computer up-to-date.