SharePoint 2010 Retirement Project

Last updated: July 9, 2024
The SharePoint 2010 Retirement Project concluded successfully in May 2020. Content on this page may no longer be accurate.

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The UW-IT SharePoint 2010 environment ( has reached its end-of-life and will be shut down on March 31, 2020. All site collections and content will be deleted on that date. Therefore, we are encouraging site collection owners/administrators to move any content that needs to be preserved to another file storage platform before March 31, 2020.

Please note: UW SharePoint Online (, part of UW Office 365, is not impacted by this project.

Records Management

If you have questions about the proper disposition of UW records stored in your SharePoint site collection, the UW Records Management Service provides comprehensive guidance on records management on their website:

As a state agency, everything the University community creates – both in hardcopy and electronically – is considered a record. All records must be retained according to a legally approved records retention schedule. How long the information is retained is based on content and purpose, not format. If you have questions, please contact UW Records Management at 206-543-0573 or

If you have questions about Records Management at UW Medicine, please contact UW Medicine Records Management Services (RMS).

Migration Options


UW-IT has a license for a tool called ShareGate that you can use to run migration reports on your site collection and also migrate content to other SharePoint platforms, including UW SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, part of UW Office 365.

To learn more about ShareGate – What is it?  What are the reporting capabilities? How can it help you prepare for migration? How can you use it to migrate content?click here for a video, “ShareGate in 5 Minutes”.

To use ShareGate, open a UW-IT request with:

  • The site URLs of the migration source (UW-IT SharePoint 2010) and destination (UW SharePoint Online)
  • Your timeline for overall migration
  • The window(s) you need exclusive access to ShareGate
  • Any project planning materials you have that might help us support you


UW-IT has a relationship with SoftwareONE, a third party vendor, that will assess your SharePoint 2010 site collection for a fee of $150/hour for the initial consultation and help you move your SharePoint 2010 content to an alternate location. Larger engagements would be scoped out separately and priced accordingly on a case-by-case basis. For more information, contact with the subject “SharePoint 2010 Retirement Project – SoftwareONE”.

Department of Medicine IT Services

The Department of Medicine IT Services group hosts an on-prem SharePoint platform. For more information, contact the Department of Medicine IT Services Help Desk at

UW Medicine IT Services

UW Medicine IT Services hosts an on-prem SharePoint platform that is intended for use by UW Medicine employees and requires AMC domain credentials. Depending on your affiliation with UWM-ITS, this may be an option for you. For more information, contact the UWM-ITS Help Desk at

Self-Service Migrations

You can choose to manually download your SharePoint 2010 site collection content and move it to an alternate file storage platform. Options include network file shares, UW Google Drive, and Google Shared Drive.

Site Collection Deletion

If you are certain that your SharePoint 2010 site collection content is no longer needed, please contact with the subject “SharePoint 2010 Retirement Project – Delete Site Collection” and we can begin the process to delete your SharePoint 2010 site collection.