Email Protection Enhancements

Last updated: November 11, 2020

UW Office 365 adds multiple layers of additional email protection and options for users of Exchange Online mailboxes beyond those provided by the UW Email Infrastructure service. The protections added include:

  • Junk E-Mail folder protections to help block phishing and protect privacy from embedded email content
  • Personal Safe Sender or Domains list of up to 1,024 entries
  • Personal Blocked Sender or Domains list of up to 500 entries
  • In the Outlook desktop client, additional processing of Safe or Blocked senders based on root domains, languages, or country of origin
  • Preserves emails detected as spam and phishing for user review, rather than rejecting delivery outright (This only applies to emails not already rejected by the Email Infrastructure service)
  • Microsoft’s advanced scanning and scoring for spam and phishing email
  • Adds filtering for some spam and phishing email identified after delivery by moving messages to Junk E-Mail from other parts of the mailbox
  • Further leveraging of the UW Sophos email spam score by filtering lower confidence spam to Junk E-Mail
  • User-customizable policies and options to fit a wide range of needs and preferences