Known Issues

Last updated: April 8, 2024

Microsoft Teams and Hidden Membership 

By default, the ability to view the membership of a new Microsoft Team is restricted to the owners and members of the Team. This is intended to increase the privacy of the owners and members of a Team to not reveal potential student status if a Team is being used for academic purposes, or other sensitive, confidential UW affiliations that owners and members may not want widely known. This hidden membership setting cannot be changed after a Team is created. 

Shifts will not work with Hidden Membership teams 

The “Shifts” schedule management tool in Teams will not work with the UW Microsoft Teams default privacy setting of Hidden Membership. 

If you need to use Shifts with a Microsoft team, you will need to create a new Microsoft team and uncheck the “Secure visibility of membership list to only those in the Team” option on the request form. 

Click here to request a new Team 

Click here to learn how to import and export a Shifts schedule between Teams 

Shared channels – External Organizations 

It is not currently possible to invite guests (people with Microsoft Entra guest accounts in the UW Microsoft 365 tenant) to a shared channel. You can only invite accounts to a shared channel. If you need to collaborate with external users, you may need to create a new team

Click here to learn more about shared channels in Teams