Migrate UW Google Content

Last updated: August 15, 2022

Google content uses proprietary formats that are not readily accessible by other systems without conversion. The guides for the scenarios below have been vetted to ensure that the process handles the migration of UW Google content including the necessary conversion process. If you choose to use another method, such as Google Takeout or a manual download of content, it is strongly recommended you verify whether the desired location supports the format selected before starting the process. 

Google Drive for Desktop Warning

If you are using Google Drive for Desktop, or it’s earlier predecessors such as Backup & Sync, please be aware that copying/pasting or dragging/dropping content from one drive location to another using the desktop client does not always work as it seems it should. In some cases, copying from one drive location to another creates a shortcut back to the original content rather than moving it to the new drive location. In other cases, the files appear in the new location but are not in an accessible state.

To ensure content is migrated from one Google account to another, please review the information provided in the relevant section(s) below. 

Content types that will not migrate and must be recreated

The list below are content types in Google that will not migrate natively to other cloud platforms and must be recreated manually. 

  • Google Forms 
  • Google Sites 
  • Google Jamboard