Husky OnNet for Sponsored UW NetIDs

Last updated: December 23, 2022
Audience: InstructorsStaffResearchers

If you use a sponsored UW NetID, the Husky OnNet service is also available to you once your supervisor has provisioned the service for your UW NetID.

For Users: Using Husky OnNet with Sponsored UW NetIDs

To use Husky OnNet, users with a sponsored UW NetID will need to connect to special Husky OnNet servers that are different from default servers. If you have a sponsored UW NetID and received an error message while attempting to connect to Husky OnNet, it is possible that you attempted to connect to the default servers instead.

If your supervisor has provisioned the service for you, and that you have already installed the Husky OnNet client on your device, follow instructions in Selecting a Husky OnNet Server for correct server addresses and configure them into your Husky OnNet client.

Otherwise, to use Husky OnNet with sponsored UW NetIDs:

  1. Confirm with your supervisor that they have provisioned Husky OnNet access for your sponsored UW NetID.
  2. Follow the instructions in Installing, Configuring, and Using Husky OnNet to install the Husky OnNet client on your device and configure the client to use servers for sponsored UW NetIDs.

For Supervisors: Provisioning Husky OnNet with Provisioning Request Tool

If you provide a sponsored UW NetID to a user and would like to provision the Husky OnNet service for the user, use the Provisioning Request Tool (PRT). Refer to the Provision Access to UW-IT Services page for steps to provisioning the service.