Supported Exchange Online Clients

Last updated: March 23, 2023

UW Office 365 Exchange Online accounts can be configured in a wide variety of email clients.  However, due to the complexity introduced when adding a UW Exchange Online account to a non-Microsoft email client, only a few clients are supported by UW-IT.  Any configuration other than the type listed below needs to be supported by an Organization Exchange Support Group (OESG).

We are unable to support devices running an operating system that is past end-of-life (e.g. Windows 7) or not the most current release of the OS.

Supported email clients

Unsupported email clients

You can configure UW Exchange Online to work with most modern email clients (e.g. Apple Mail, Thunderbird, iOS and Android native mail and calendar apps, etc.), but UW-IT is unable to assist with troubleshooting issues that may arise.  Configuring an email client to access UW Exchange Online via protocols such as POP3, IMAP4, or Exchange ActiveSync is unsupported by UW-IT.

If you are running into issues using an unsupported email client, we recommend updating the device’s operating system to the latest version and updating the email client to the latest version. You may also need to remove UW Exchange Online from the client and re-add it.  Additional troubleshooting for issues that arise from using unsupported email clients with UW Exchange Online will need to be performed by local IT groups.