UW-IT software cancellation request form

Last updated: April 26, 2023

To stop automatic billing for the following license cycle, please submit the cancellation form by the following dates below:

There are no refunds on the licenses listed below.

  • Adobe, Matlab, SAS, and SPSS cancellation deadline: June 1st
  • For all Microsoft Products, including Dynamics 365, Project Online 3 and 5, Visio Plan 2, and Visual Studio cancellation deadline is April 15th
  • Crashplan doesn’t renew until August and is billed in September. CrashPlan cancellation will be accepted through July 31st
  • Zoom cancellation deadline:  June 1st

During the current license period, an individual license can be transferred to a different person upon request. Send an email to: help@uw.edu.

Note: No transfer is possible for any license after processing the cancellation form. Cancellation Request Form.