Productivity Platforms Recharge Services

Last updated: September 22, 2022


Productivity Platforms Recharge Services (aka PPlat Recharge Services) are critical to building sustainable operations around premium-level UW Office 365 and UW Google services such as Dynamics 365, Power BI Pro, Power Platform, Microsoft Teams app review, Google Workspace Marketplace app review, etc. PPlat Recharge Services services are also required for requests that fall outside the general PPlat service offerings, and require additional service team resources.

PPlat Recharge Services requests are charged to a UW budget at a subsidized recharge labor rate of $134.67 per hour in minimum 15 minute increments, billed monthly. The recharge service does not reflect the total cost for the service provided.

PPlat Recharge Service requests are subject to staff availability and do not guarantee a successful outcome. We cannot provide free pre-engagement estimations, but requestors can set a maximum timebox (e.g. limit time spent to 2 hours) to contain costs.

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