Organization Exchange Support Groups

Last updated: June 16, 2023

General Information

IT support teams and service desks can become a recognized Organization Exchange Support Group (OESG) in order to offer additional services and advanced features not included in our general Exchange support service offering. Many of these services either require significant expertise or a higher level of support than the general Exchange support service is currently resourced to offer.

Each Organization Exchange Support Group is free to offer some or all options described, but you will need to contact the OESG directly regarding the services they offer.

Examples include:

  • Setup and maintenance of Microsoft Outlook desktop clients
  • In-depth feature and function support and training for Microsoft Productivity apps
  • Performance and advanced troubleshooting for Outlook
  • Creation, configuration, and maintenance of resource mailboxes such as room and equipment calendars
  • Advanced calendar permissions configuration such as “Send As” and “Full Access” for shared, departmental, resource, and end user mailboxes
  • Configuration and troubleshooting of Outlook profiles with multiple accounts
  • Email archive mailbox and retention policy configuration

Organization Exchange Support Groups will provide the best and most complete user support for Outlook, OWA, and other email support questions. They are familiar with internal IT systems, may have administrative rights to the workstations in your department or business unit, and will have the information and expertise required to help with local computer configurations.

Finding your Organization Exchange Support Group

UW-IT maintains a list of current Organization Exchange Support group here (see below). Can’t find your Organization Exchange Support Group on the list? Please contact

Establishing a new Organization Exchange Support Group

Certain scenarios may call for the creation of an OESG, including academic departments or business units moving from locally managed email services or other email platforms to UW Exchange Online, or perhaps a group/unit is newly formed and needs the ability to offer advanced features over the basic offering to users. In those cases, a new Organization Exchange Support group needs to be established.

An Organization Exchange Support Group will be:

  • A point of contact for supporting Outlook, OWA and other email support questions
  • Listed on this page as a point of contact
  • Responsible for providing local Exchange Online/Outlook IT support to departmental personnel, with ready assistance from UW-IT as resources allow
  • Responsible for requesting, supporting, and managing Office 365 resources
  • Responsible for assisting with the creation of UW Groups for Shared NetID and resource access
  • Responsible for creating their own documentation of policies and procedures regarding the creation and management of Office 365 resources, Shared NetIDs, and UW Groups

UW-IT will need the following information to provision a new Organization Exchange Support Group:

  • The academic department or business unit the OESG supports
  • An acronym or short name for the department/unit (if available/in general use)
  • An email address and phone number that UW-IT will use to direct people in your department to you for assistance
  • Name(s) and UW NetID(s) of your IT support organization members
  • A Shared NetID or a UW group dedicated to the task of managing UW Office 365 resources in the department or unit

Please email with the above information to be added to the list as a designated Organization Exchange Support Group.

Recognized Organization Exchange Support Groups (OESGs)

Department/Unit Short Name Email Address Phone Number
Academic and Student Affairs ASA, EOSS, HSS 206-543-9413
Applied Physics Laboratory APL 206-543-7845
Behavioral Research and Therapy Clinic BRTC 206-543-2630
Burke Museum Burke 206-616-6286
Capital Planning & Development CPD 206-221-4297
Cardiovascular Health Research Unit CHRU 206-221-7775
Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology CSDE
Center for Technology and Disability Studies CTDS
Civil and Environmental Engineering CEE (206) 685-6695
Collaboration Core
Collaborative Health Studies Coordinating Center CHSCC 206-897-1955
College of Arts & Sciences CAS-IT 206 543-6366
College of Built Environments 206-543-8531
College of Education CoE 206-221-4693
College of Engineering COE 206-221-4214
College of the Environment 206-616-0854
CoMotion comotion 206-616-6080
Continuum College CCIT 206-685-5637
Creative Communications
Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance Evans 206-616-7360
Dean of Medicine DOM
Dean Of Public Health (SPH) 206-685-0977
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics UWAA 206-685-6101
Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine ANESTH 206-616-8115
Department of Bioengineering BiOe 206-543-9757
Department of Biology (IT) Biology 206-685-8035
Department of Biostatistics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Communications Com 206-543-4763
Department of Comparative Medicine compmed 206-221-0550
Department of Electrical Engineering ECE 206-685-1664
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Science 206-616-7836
Department of Environmental Health & Safety EHS 206-543-7282
Department of Epidemiology 206-616-7836
Department of Family Medicine FAMMED 206-616-8381
Department of History History 206-616-9169
Department of Laboratory Medicine labmed 206-598-6155
Department of Mathematics 206-543-2752
Department of Medicine IT DOM 206-616-8805
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology ObGyn 206-616-8805
Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Orthop 206-221-5380
Department of Pathology 206-221-5790
Department of Pediatrics Peds 206-543-7337
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences PBSCI 206-543-0894
Department of Psychology 206-543-8281
Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences SPHSC 206-543-8725
Department of Statistics stat 206-685-2303
Department of Surgery SORCE; SURG; WISH; ASONE 206-616-8115
Departments of Economics, Philosophy, and Sociology SavTech 206-685-9325
Division of Enrollment Management DoEM 206-543-6050
Earth and Space Sciences ESS 206-685-3398
Foster School of Business
Friday Harbor Laboratories FHL 206-626–0704
Gale Lab IT 206-732=6082
Global Innovation Exchange GIX 206-897-9035
Hall Health Primary Care Center 206-616-1824
Health Services IT Support HSERV 206-616-2944
Housing and Food Services 206-543-1015
HUBert-X-Team (HUB Tech) 206-616-0243
IMA – Recreational Sports 206-616-1087
Information School 206-616-3086
Information Technologies UW Tacoma
Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation IHME; Rosling
Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences 206-221-3674
ITS Workforce Management Systems wms-its 206-520-5148
Jackson School of International Studies 206-616-5935
Managed Workstation Service MWS 206-221-5000
Mechanical Engineering ME 206-616-1867
MEDEX Northwest IT group 206-616-4001
Microbiology 206-616-0113
National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning NCQTL 206-221-3505
Office of Animal Welfare 206-616-9290
Office of CISO CISO 206 685-8210
Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity OMAD 206-685-0169
Office of Research Info Systems 206-685-8654
Physiology & Biophysics Department 206-685-2107
Radiology MRI LAB 206-543-3488
RADONC (Radiation Oncology) 206-598-4231
School of Aquatic & Fishery Sciences SAFS 206-616-0854
School of Art + Art History + Design SoAAHD 206-616-6742
School of Dentistry SOD
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences SEFS 206-616-7365
School of Law law 206-616-4357
School of Music MUS 206-543-0543
School of Nursing-L&IT SON 206-616-7435
School of Pharmacy SOP 206-221-1050
School of Social Work SSW 206-685-2295
Social Dev. Research Group 206-221-4647
SSW Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence Seattle Training Center SSW ACWESTC
Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA IT) UAA 206-221-6061
University Advancement ADV 206-221-3947
UW Athletics 206-543-7412
UW Autism Center UWAC 425-445-0787
UW Bothell 425-352-3456
UW Facilities UWF 206-685-4129
UW Finance finssit 206-543-8953
UW Graduate School grad
UW Law Library 206-543-6457
UW Libraries LIB 206-543-7043
UW Meany 206-543-8408
UW Medicine (UWMC, HMC, UWP, UWPN, NWH) 206-520-2200
UW Medicine Airlift Northwest ALNW 206-965-1925
UW Medicine Communication Technologies UWMCC 206-520-2020
UW Radiology SOM 206-221-3016
UWB-CC Campus Library Technology Services UWBLTS 425-352-3450
UW-IT DOIT Program doit 206-221-4166
UW-IT Technology uwtech 206-221-5000
UW Police Department UWPD 206-396-0427
Washington National Primate Research Center WANPRC
Washington Sea Grant in the College of the Environment WSG
Washington State Transportation Center – Urban Form Lab TRAC-UFL