Managing Your Billing Information

Last updated: August 29, 2022

Managed Workstation bills for its services monthly. You’ll received an itemized bill as part of the normal monthly University billing process, available in the UW MyFinancial.desktop tool. While we strive for perfection, billing errors do happen; we encourage you to review your charges monthly. If you receive a charge from MWS that you believe is in error, send us an e-mail at with the details and we’ll be happy to correct it.

Members of a contact role in an MWS customer account have the ability to view and edit their billing information in myIT. More information on how to do that is presented below. If you don’t see the right data, email us with your department name and your desired contact role.

Go to myIT

Managing Billing Information in myIT

In myIT, go to “Desktops in My Departments”. You’ll see a list of every computer associated with a department for which you have a contact role.

For each computer, there is an edit button that will let you modify the budget used for the monthly recurring fee, the inventory tag, the primary user, or the managed by user. Make sure to click the “Update” button to save your changes.

To remove desktops or change department assignments, email specifics to

Users become associated with your customer account through membership in your customer account’s eligibility group.  Whenever a new person is added to your team, you’ll need to add them to your eligibility group in order for them to be able to receive managed workstation support, access the I: Drive, or have a home directory on the H: Drive.

In myIT, you can see a list of all users in all departments you are in a contact role for. To do so, login to myIT and, under the “MWS Things I Own/Manage” menu, go to “Users in My Departments“.

If there are users showing up in your department that shouldn’t be there or if you are missing users that should be there, you’ll need to add or remove them from the eligibility group in UW Groups.

If you’re unsure what the eligibility group for your department is, you can find it in myIT by following these steps:

  1. Login to myIT and, under the “MWS Things I Own/Manage” menu,  go to Departments
  2. Click on the department name you’d like to find the eligibility group for,
  3. On the Department Detail page you’ll find the eligibility group under “Eligibility Info”
  4. To view/change members in the eligibility group, write down your eligibility group name and go to UW Groups. to manage the membership of the group.

If you need more information on managing UW Groups, visit: How to Manage Memberships.

In myIT, you can see a list of  the I:\groups\xx or Windows file service path(s) assigned to your customer account, how large each directory is, and what budget number they are being billed to.

To do so, login to myIT and, under the “MWS Things I Own/Manage” menu, go to “File Services“. There, you’ll see a list of each top level folder you own, along with related information. You can click the edit button next to each entry to edit the budget number being used for billing. If there are missing locations or locations you don’t recognize in the list email and we’ll look into it.

You’ll also see a list of users that are a member of your eligibility group, along with the size and location of their MWS home directories.  If you see users in that list that are not a member of your department, then they’ll need to be removed from your customer account’s eligibility group. (See the “Users in Your Customer Account’s Eligibility Group” above for more on that process). If you do not want to remove a user from your eligibility group, but also don’t want that user to have a MWS home directory, email details to

In myIT you can make changes to your Customer Account, including Contact Info, Eligibility Group, and Technical Contacts. To do so, login to myIT and, under the “MWS Things I Own/Manage” menu,  go to Departments.

On that page, you’ll see a list containing every Customer Account you are listed as a contact on, along with some quick statistics about billing estimates, device and user counts, and usage information.

To make changes, click on the customer account you’d like to make changes for. You’ll be taken to an overview page, which contains list with the ability to edit the following information:

Contact Info

Each customer account has four contact info roles that can be set:

  • Owner Contact: The person with overall management responsibility for the users and computers in the department.
  • Billing Contact: The person responsible for overall fiscal/budget matters in the department.
  • Technical Contact: The person responsible for local IT support or the primary contact for MWS services
  • Alternate Technical Contact: An additional or backup local IT support person.

Eligibility Info

Each customer account has an eligibility group that determines which users are a member of the account. In this section, you change the eligibility group for the customer account. Most users will only need to set the “User Eligibility Group” for their customer account. If you’re interested in changing the “VPN User Eligibility Group” or the “User HomeDir Eligibility Group” please contact us at before doing so.

Default Computer Budget

The default computer budget is used when new computers are added to the Managed Workstation service for the monthly service fee. The four fields are for the budget, task, option, and project numbers. Individual computer budgets can be managed on the “Desktops in my Departments” page.

Default User Budget

The default user budget is used for fees generated from Home Directory usage by new users to the customer account. The four fields are for the budget, task, option, and project numbers. Individual user budgets can be managed on the “File Services” page.

Each budget number has a list of contacts who are authorized to use the budget in their customer accounts. If you need to add a budget number to a feature of your customer account and it’s not showing up as an option, you likely need to be added as a budget contact. An existing budget contact can add you using the steps below. If you’re not sure who is a budget contact, send an e-mail to and we can add you.

To see a list of budgets that you are listed as a contact for, login to myIT and, under the “MWS Things I Own/Manage” menu, go to “Budgets“. Click on a budget number and you’ll see a list of budget contacts for that budget. There you can remove a budget contact (including yourself) or add a new budget contact.