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Last updated: August 31, 2022

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The Managed Workstation Service provides workstation computers for UW faculty, staff and departments. Workstation computers run the Windows operating system, and come with supported software such as Microsoft Office and antivirus software pre-installed. Managed workstations are proactively managed for security risks and vulnerabilities, and receive automatic operating system updates. Basic helpdesk support is offered for managed workstations.

Information for individual workstation users

individual users iconIndividual workstation users should visit our guide for managed workstation users, and learn about how to use and configure your own managed workstation, including the topics listed below.
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  • Using your computer: Learn about the basics of using a managed workstation computer: how to configure your computer, downloading  additional software, printing, and your email and calendaring options.
  • Connecting remotely: Access your managed workstation from wherever you have an strong internet connection. Learn about connecting remotely to your computer.
  • Online storage: Store your files wherever works best for you. Managed workstations can come equipped with storage on central UW-IT servers, or you can store your files in the cloud.
  • Security: Keep your computer safe, secure and virus free. Read about how to deal with malware, become a local admin on your own machine, and security tools available through UW-IT.
  • Updates: Keep your computer and software up to date with the most recent versions of your software, and learn how managed workstations all you to keep your operating system running on the most recent version.

Technical information for advanced users

technical users iconAdvanced managed workstation users, such as those who setup or manage workstations for groups or entire departments, should read technical information for advanced users and workstation managers.
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  • Setting up a managed workstation: Learn how to order equipment, what software packages are available to you and how configure options on a workstation. Read about warranty look-ups, and how to secure or repair a managed workstation.
  • Setting up and managing your customer account: Set up managed workstations for an entire department, and learn how to create a new customer account. Leverage the power of UW Groups for your managed workstations, learn about adding and off-boarding users, and creating a file service strategy.
  • Billing and administration: Learn how to manage your billing information and submit billing corrections. Read about tools for contacts and My IT.
  • Other resources: Read about the Managed Workstations Training Room and how it can help you and your users, and view the resource usage calendar.

Information for prospective customers

Prospective customer iconInterested in signing up for the managed workstation service, but need some more information? Read more about joining the managed workstation service, our rates and service design, and how managed workstations can be the right choice for you.
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Requesting help
Need help with your managed workstation?

Phone: 206-221-5000

Let us know what assistance you need, and provide the following details if you have them: computer name, user, error message, and any relevant information to the issue.

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