Google Storage Limits

Last updated: November 15, 2022


Google has changed its policy of offering unlimited content storage to a limited amount shared as a pool across organizations using Google Workspaces. To maintain compliance with our UW Google contract, UW-IT will implement policy changes that enforce the new storage limit of 100GB per UW Google account. The changes will go into effect starting August 23, 2022.

What is pooled storage and what counts toward the limit?

Pooled storage is storage shared across the organization, in this case, all of UW. The content included in the count includes, but is not limited to, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photo files.

How much storage will I have?

All UW Google accounts will have a maximum storage capacity of 100GB. As this change is impactful, and in some situations may cause disruption, UW-IT is implementing temporary tiered storage quotas that accommodate current over quota storage sizes, effective August 23, 2022.

NOTE: When the new tiered storage policy goes into effect on August 23, 2022, no data will be deleted at that time.

The intent behind the temporary tiered storage is to prevent new or expanded storage use cases from occurring while giving existing high capacity storage users time to find and implement alternate solutions.

Storage quota thresholds based on current usage:

  • 0 to 80 GB = 100 GB
  • 80 GB to 800 GB = 1 TB
  • 800 GB to 8 TB = 10 TB
  • 8 TB to 80 TB = 100 TB
  • 80 TB to 300 TB = 500 TB

Periodic reviews of storage usage will occur between August 23, 2022 and June 11, 2024. During these reviews, accounts that have reduced their storage usage to fit within a lower tier will have that tier set as the new limit until the standard 100GB is achieved.

WARNING: UW Google Accounts that are over the new quota limit of 100GB after June 11, 2024 will have all data removed to prevent impacts to the rest of the users in the UW Tenant.

How much storage am I using?

To identify how much storage a UW Google account is using, do one of the following:


  1. Navigate to Google Drive and log in with the UW Google account.
  2. Look for the cloud icon in the lower left corner of the menu (you may need to collapse expanded fields or scroll down).
  3. The number next to the cloud icon displays how much storage is used across the UW Google account. If a number does not immediately appear, refresh the page and wait a few seconds as it tabulates.

Mobile app (iOS or Android)

  1. Open the Google Drive app and log in with the UW Google account
  2. Tap the menu icon (three horizontal line stack)
  3. At the bottom of the menu the amount of storage used is displayed

What if I go over my storage limit?

If you go over the storage quota limit by 25% or for 14 days (whichever comes first), you will continue to have access to your UW Google drive content, but you will not be able to add, edit, or create any new content. Existing content will still be accessible for download. Email will continue to function without restriction.

WARNING: UW Google Accounts that are over the new quota limit of 100GB after June 11, 2024 will have all data removed to prevent impacts to the rest of the users in the UW Tenant.

What if I’m already over my storage limit?

UW-IT understands the impact of moving from an environment of infinite storage to one that, in some cases, is extremely limited by comparison. The information below provides guidance on next steps and more information for alternative storage solutions.

  1. Learn how to manage data stored in your UW Google account.
  2. Create a migration plan for email, files and business processes that must be retained.
  3. Review alternatives to UW Google, such as:
  4. Read up on how to migrate cloud-based data on the Migrate UW Google or UW Microsoft Content page

While planning your Google data migration, please see the following guidance on records management from UW Records Management Services.


If you need further assistance, please contact UW-IT at or 206-221-5000.