Removing Project and Visio

Last updated: August 12, 2022

The following steps describe how to uninstall Microsoft Project and Visio on a PC.

You must be a local administrator on your computer to make these changes.  Email to request this access if you do not already have it.

    1. Open the Control Panel
    2. Select Programs → Programs and Features

    1. Right-click either Microsoft Project or Microsoft Visio and choose uninstall

  1. Confirm that you are uninstalling

  1. A status bar will appear guiding you through the process
The uninstall progress window for 2019 products makes it appear as though the uninstall is removing the entire Office Suite, this is false.  Only the software chosen will uninstall.

  1. Because Project and Visio both utilize some of the Microsoft Office shared libraries, you may be asked to close other Office products.

  1. The uninstall will confirm success.
Again, this Office 2019 message is misleading, only the chosen Office product was uninstalled.