Office Store

Last updated: November 16, 2023

The Office Store offers Office related add-ons designed to expand productivity and enhance existing functions.  All UW Office 365 accounts have access to the Office Store.

Purchases and Expired Accounts

Purchases made in the Office Store are tied to the account making them. UW-IT strongly discourages the purchase of content from the Office Store using a UW Office 365 account and instead recommends the use of a personal Microsoft account to make purchases from the Office Store. The use of a UW Office 365 account is contingent upon an active, ongoing relationship with the University of Washington as a student, faculty member, or employee.

If you no longer have an active, ongoing relationship with the University of Washington, your UW Office 365 account and all associated data will be deleted, including Office Store purchases, upon your departure from the University of Washington.

Purchases cannot be refunded or transferred, so choose carefully when purchasing software for a specific UW NetID. Using a Shared UW NetID may be a good solution depending on the software being purchased. When purchasing software in the Office Store, treat it like any other software purchase. Make sure you understand the license, limitations, and exactly which features you are purchasing. Some Office Store apps are free and some will require a purchase. A ProCard is the best way to make these purchases.

Application Safety and Evaluation

Just like any other software repository, the Office Store is not guaranteed to be free of broken or malicious software. We monitor for apps which could be damaging, but making your own evaluation is also important when selecting which apps to add or purchase.

More information regarding our monitoring is available on our Risky Entra ID applications permissions page.