Removing a Computer from MWS

Last updated: August 29, 2022

If you need to remove a computer from the MWS domain for re-imaging purposes or if it is no longer needed and you wish to end the monthly computer support charges, send a request to Include the name or serial number of the computer that you wish to have removed from the MWS domain.

MWS leverages Active Directory technology to ensure that Managed Workstations receive the appropriate policies and software.. If the computer is being re purposed for stand-alone use or moving to another Delegated Organizational Unit (OU), the best approach is to rebuild the computer with a fresh version of UW’s Windows 10 Enterprise. You can download and install Microsoft Enterprise Windows from the UWARE page.

If you are unable to re-image the workstation with a fresh version of a Windows OS, contact the Managed Workstation Service by emailing: