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UW Google Changes Project

The UW Google team reviews this page weekly.
The information on this page is current as of the week of October 11, 2021.

Current status

Building on the agreement that Internet2 established with Google, UW-IT is now engaging Google in specific contract negotiations. We will provide additional information when these negotiations resolve.


Google recently announced several significant changes to their Google Workspace for Education product and how it is licensed. These changes will have major implications for UW-IT’s ability to provide UW Google (aka Google Workspace, formerly known as Google G Suite and Google Apps) to the UW.

These changes to UW Google services will include:

  • Limiting the use of UW NetIDs with UW Google services to only personal (individual) UW NetIDs. The use of Shared UW NetIDs (such as those used for department, course, student activity office accounts) with UW Google services will be discontinued.
  • UW-IT’s ability to provide UW Google Shared Drives (aka Google Team Drives) will be significantly limited and will likely necessitate the migration of data to alternate storage solutions or tools.

In addition to the above changes, we anticipate significant storage limitations for UW Google accounts associated with personal UW NetIDs. Because conversations among Google, multiple peer institutions, and Internet2 (representing hundreds of higher education institutions) are currently ongoing, the exact parameters are still being determined.


The only changes to UW Google thus far happened on August 25, 2021. On that date:

  • The ability to create new UW Google accounts for Shared UW NetIDs was disabled
  • The ability to create new Google Shared Drives was disabled

Please note that the above changes were the first in a series of changes to the use of UW Google. Changes will also impact UW Google accounts associated with personal UW NetIDs. As negotiations among the UW, Google, peer institutions, and Internet2 yield additional actionable details, UW-IT will communicate with UW leadership and the greater UW community.

Alternatives to UW Google

Planned communications to the UW community

We will communicate broadly to the UW community to raise awareness about these changes. In addition to email messages to those who will be impacted, we will publish articles in campus newsletters and hold Q&A events for the UW community.

As details and timelines — in particular, regarding storage limits and Google Shared Drives — are clarified, we will send call-to-action notices to affected individuals with specific guidance on how to mitigate impact to their use of UW Google services.

When known, specific limits, timelines, and guidance for migrating data will also be published on this page. In the meantime, we encourage people who want to begin exploring alternate solutions to review these options for online storage.


Please contact the UW-IT Technology Service Center at or 206-221-5000 with questions about the UW Google Changes Project.

Last reviewed October 11, 2021