Request a Microsoft team

Last updated: March 5, 2024

Getting Started 

Setting up a Microsoft team here at UW is a self-service process. The information on this page will help guide you through important details to quickly get you up and running. Before requesting a Microsoft team, please be sure to review our Microsoft Teams page.

Once your Microsoft team is set up, if you have usage or configuration questions, please join the UW-IT Teams Tech Forum where community members with plenty of experience are ready to help.

We highly recommend adding at least one other UW employee or Shared UW NetID to a Microsoft team as an owner. This will allow another account to continue managing the team if you should depart the UW. If a Microsoft team no longer has an owner, there is currently no process to allow us to transfer ownership to someone else and the Microsoft team will be subject to our deletion policy.

Who can request a Microsoft team

Only UW Faculty and Staff may request a Microsoft team; UW Students are not eligible due to requirements for maintaining state or educational records. For more information, please see the UW Student use guidance for Microsoft Teams section of our Policies page.

Membership Privacy Option

When completing the Request a Microsoft team form, please be aware that the Membership Privacy setting cannot be changed once a Microsoft team is created. The only way to “fix” the setting is to delete the Microsoft team and re-create it using the request form and deselecting the check mark.

A screen capture of the Membership Privacy section taken from the Request a Microsoft team form.

Responsibilities of the owner of a Microsoft team

The owner of a Microsoft Team is responsible for: 

  • Managing access to the Team 
  • Securing content in the Team 
  • Managing content in the team according to UW records guidelines (or UW Medicine records guidelines, for UW Medicine employees) 
  • Submitting requests for changes to the Team to UW-IT 
  • Responding to requests from UW-IT regarding the Team 
  • Designating a new Team owner when they depart UW 
  • Deleting the Team when it is no longer needed 

Request a Microsoft team form

Link to the form to Request a Microsoft team