Avaya Workplace Software Terms and Conditions

Last updated: August 25, 2022

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

  • I am a current UW faculty or staff member, or teaching assistant.
  • I have or share a current UW-IT phone extension provided by the Dial Tone Service.
  • If I use Avaya Workplace off-campus I will enter my remote working address into the Emergency Location Management Portal.  My address will be used to route Emergency calls to the Public Service Answering Point that services my area.
  • The computer I will use the software on is owned by the UW or is my personal computer.
  • By downloading or copying the software, I agree not to rent, sell, lease, assign or otherwise transfer the Software; reverse engineer, compile, make alterations to or otherwise modify the Software; or disclose or otherwise make available the Software, User Manuals, or copies thereof, to any third party.
  • I agree to remove the software from my computer(s) if/when my use is no longer covered by the UW license (e.g., upon graduation or separation/retirement).

If you accept the terms above, please click on “I Agree” below to proceed to the Avaya Workplace software download page. Please enter your UW NetID and password when the secure window appears.

I agree