Access and Permissions for a Microsoft team

Last updated: March 1, 2024

Adding members to a Microsoft team

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams (desktop or browser).
  2. Click the ellipse (…) next to the Microsoft team and select “Add member”.
  3. Type in the name, group, or email address of the person you wish to add.
  4. Note: Read the onscreen prompt as this is contextual depending on your access to a Microsoft team. 

Helpful Guides 

UW Groups 

UW Groups can contain UW NetIDs and/or federated IDs (ex: Fred Hutch) that do not have UW O365 enabled. When you add a UW Group to a UW O365 product (ex: a Microsoft team, SharePoint site, Power BI portal), only the members who have a UW O365 enabled UW NetID, will be added to the Microsoft permissions. Everyone else in the UW Group (federated IDs, Gmail addresses, etc.) will not be added. The only solution is to add each of the individuals to your Microsoft team using their email address.