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UW Google G Suite for Education

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UW G Suite is similar to Google’s consumer apps, but free of advertising and with greater privacy protection.  UW G Suite includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and SitesShared UW NetIDs are helpful for use with G Suite, especially Google Drive.

How To Guides

UW G Suite helps you to

Note: Additional Google Services are also available, but are not FERPA-compatible.

Upcoming features

We are constantly adding new Apps and features to UW G Suite; check our Additional Google Services page for recent additions.

Can’t find the feature you need? Please contact

Data Retention Policy

A single data retention policy does not apply to the UW G Suite service due to the broad scope of administrative, academic, and personal information created and stored via this service. Consequently, users of this service are responsible for managing and deleting their UW G Suite documents in accordance with University of Washington retention guidelines. For more information, please refer to the UW Records Management Services Web site.

Help Desk

  • Email:
  • Phone: (206)221-5000, option 3.  Mon – Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Known Issues

Certain UW G Suite features are not activated in order to maintain student privacy. This includes features like Gmail Labs, and many of the Additional Apps found in the Google Marketplace.

Learn more about G Suite from vendor’s Help Center