SAS Statistical Package Installation Instructions

Last updated: June 1, 2020
o The Deployment Wizard will start 
 open the SAS 9.4 folder, find and click "setup.exe"

o Choose Language

o Sas Deployment Type: leave "Install SAS Software" checked -> next

o Next screen check "Install SAS Foundation and Related software"  ****might be the confusion point****

o next screen (Select Products to install) make no changes, click 'next'.  **change this to add things, gets a prompt to insert CD**

o next screen, (Select Foundation products to install), make no changes, click 'next'.

o click 'next' on next screen (SAS Installation Data file).

o choose languages (you can add more later)

o checking system...loading packages..checking for sufficient 'next' when it finishes.

o deployment summary

 click 'start'

software installs.