Voicemail Routing

Last updated: March 1, 2024

By default, most services at the University of Washington respect the UW email forwarding configured for a UW NetID. In other words, email will be sent to the destination as configured in the UW email forwarding page.  

However, to the contrary, Microsoft Teams delivers all Teams voicemails left for a user to their UW Office 365 Exchange Online mailbox by default, instead of the destination configured in UW email forwarding. This is implemented because, without this setting, Teams users would be unable to check their Teams voicemails in the Teams client. 

To opt out of this default configuration and force delivery of Teams voicemails to the destination selected in the UW email forward page (e.g. UW Gmail, outside email providers, etc.), but disallow the ability to check voicemails in Teams, join the UW Group below: 

  1. Click https://groups.uw.edu/group/u_msca_enable_bypass-for-voicemails-to-uw-forwarding 
  2. Click “Join this group” 
  3. To change this setting in the future, navigate to the UW Group and click “Leave this group”