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Protect your computer and data, manage your UW NetID and access to online services, learn how the UW can help you keep your technology safe

UW NetIDs and Access Management


  • Learn about UW NetIDs, which is used by the UW to access many online services. Your personal UW NetID verifies who you are, ensures the privacy of your personal information, and restricts the use of UW resources to authorized users.
  • Faculty and staff can use Shared UW NetIDs to further their research, collaborate on group projects, and expedite any academic or administrative work at the UW. Shared UW NetID accounts are designed to supplement your individual account for facilitating your work activities.
  • Some people may need an Admin UW NetID, which is used to provide a more limited context for an ID used for administering a set of workstations, servers, or a domain.
  • While UW NetIDs are based on an affiliation with the University of Washington, individuals who are not otherwise eligible for a UW NetID may be able to get a Sponsored UW NetID if they are sponsored by a current UW faculty or staff member.
  • Learn how to set up and configure your UW NetID recovery options, allowing you to have a recovery code sent to you by phone or email.

Two-factor authentication

UW Groups

  • Explore the UW Groups Service, and how UW Groups support collaboration and communication by making it easier to manage people and access for tools and applications. Common uses of UW Groups include email lists, calendaring, scheduling, sharing resources, surveying, and voting.

ASTRA Access Management

  • Read about ASTRA, an access management service that stores authorization information about who can use a variety of UW administrative applications and other resources.

Securing your computer

Security and privacy policies

  • Learn where you can read the UW’s information security and privacy policies, the laws and regulations that impact these policies, and where to read a confidential data risk guide. See our overview of security and privacy policies.

Network security for printers

  • Printers can be connected to the UW networks, and information security must be considered for these devices too. Read about how you can manage network security for printers on the UW network.

Password manager

Office of the Chief Information Security Office