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How do I log in to UW Zoom?
Log in here:

If you have a HIPAA-compliant Zoom account, select HIPAA Sign In.


How do I log into Zoom software (I have it installed on my computer)?
Learn how.


Can I use a Shared UW NetID?
Using shared UW NetIDs is possible, but not recommended with Zoom. A host account can host only one meeting at a time. When a second user tries to log in and host a meeting on the same Zoom host account, the first user is automatically logged out. Using a NetID that is shared by several people may cause meeting time conflicts, resulting in potential meeting interruptions. Learn how to log in with a shared UW NetID.


When I try to log in, I get a message saying “you are not entitled to this service.” Why can’t I log in?
This error message is displayed when the UW NetID you used to log in does not have a Zoom Meetings Pro license. Log out from your UW NetID, quit your browser, then try to login again at This also may be caused by assigning a Zoom license to a shared UW NetID. Learn how to log in with a Shared NetID.

Is there training available for UW Zoom?
Yes! Register for a Zoom live training session.


How do I get a UW Zoom account?
UW Zoom host accounts are available to UW Faculty, Staff, and Students with a valid UW NetID. Visit the UW Zoom web order form to learn more about pricing, terms of service, and to submit your order using a UW budget number. Zoom Pro license orders may take 24 hours to process. Zoom add-on license orders may take 10 business days to process. See guidance for filling out the order form.


What does UW Zoom cost?
UW Zoom is a self-sustaining service and requires a UW budget number to purchase. Visit the UW Zoom web order form to learn more about pricing, terms of service, and to submit your order.


How does billing work?
Your UW budget number will be charged within 30 days after submitting your order. You will be charged for the full year of service. Your order will auto-renew at the end of the year, unless you cancel before the renewal date.


Which Zoom products are available?
The most popular Zoom product is the Zoom Meetings Pro 100, which gives you a single host account and up to 100 participants per meeting. Several add-on packages are available. To learn more, visit Zoom’s website at


What is the difference between Zoom Meetings Pro and Webinar?
Zoom Meetings Pro: Collaborative space where everyone can see one another, hear one another and each individual participant can share screen.

Webinar: One-way push or presentation to a large audience. Attendees are view-only participants. Panelists can share audio, video, and screen.

To learn more about Webinar, watch this short introduction video, attend a 60-minute live training session, and order your account from the UW Zoom web order form.


How long does it take to process my Zoom order? 
After submitting the UW Zoom order form, you can expect to get an email confirmation of the Zoom Pro 100 license activation within 24 hours. Zoom add-on orders (other Zoom products that are not Zoom Pro 100) may take 10 business days to process with the UW reseller and Zoom.


Is UW Zoom HIPAA-compliant?
Yes, UW Zoom is one of two HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant video collaboration services available at the UW. Learn more.


When I log in to my UW Zoom account, I see a message “You have logged in from another device. Messenger is now inactive.” 
If you see this message, you were logged in to another computer with the same account and Zoom automatically logged you out of the other computer. Zoom is limited to one zoom host account logged in, per computer. If you try to log in to two different computers with the same Zoom host account, you will be logged out. Learn more.


When I start my UW Zoom meeting, I see a message “You have a meeting that is currently in progress. Please end it to start a new meeting.” 
If you see this message, your UW Zoom host account is currently running a meeting on another computer. A UW Zoom host account can host only one meeting at a time. To end one meeting and begin another, click End Other Meeting and then start your new meeting.


How do I add live captions during my meeting?
You can invite a professional caption provider to your Zoom meeting to provide live captions as you meet. If you record your meeting, the captions will be added to the recording. Learn more.


How do I stay up to date on UW Zoom?
Join the UW Zoom mailing list.