UW-IT Billing

Last updated: August 9, 2022

ITBill Viewer is UW-IT’s new bill viewing tool that enables you to look up various bills through using UW Connect. ITBill Viewer replaces UW-IT’s legacy bill viewing tool, ROME TSEBIll Viewer.

ITBill Viewer

UW-IT is migrating to a new billing system, and future billing details will be available on the new system. Effective January 5th 2022:

The ITBill Viewer provides:

  • Online delivery of UW-IT service bills
  • Self-service bill viewer  – ASTRA access is no longer required
  • Records retention online for six years

The ITBill Viewer allows you to:

Contact help@uw.edu with “UW-IT Bill Viewer” in the subject line if you have any questions.

Open ITBill Viewer