UW-IT Billing

Last updated: December 8, 2023

UW-IT policy in case of inadvertent double billing:

In the case of a subscription erroneously being billed twice (such as phone subscriptions UW-IT has already discovered), we will not bill for the upcoming billing cycle.

For subscriptions that are affected by annual rate changes — going into effect on Oct. 1, 2023 — or those that are not billed monthly or for any other special cases, please work with UW-IT for an adjustment. Please do not correct any double billing through an accounting journal. Contact uwit-billing@uw.edu. Thank you!

ITBill Viewer

ITBill Viewer can still be used to view bills from Dec. 2021 until end of June 2023. 

  • For new ISDs starting with UT1xxxxx, use the new ITBill Viewer for ITBill – Bill Summaries or ITBill – Bill Details
  • For archived ISDs starting with UT6, UT7 and UT8, use the TSEBill Archive
  • For ISDs with any prefix “UT” (followed by a space and digits), submit an email request to uwit-billing@uw.edu
  • MyFD Reconciliation form also takes you to the bill viewer links by clicking on the Amount of the transaction.
    • Note: Data from MyFD may continue to be available after Workday Finance go-live, in line with records retention and management guidelines. 
    • Source Document links currently available on the Reconciliation Report Amount column will be added to the Transaction Detail report, starting  July 2023. 
    • Transaction Detail is available via drill-through from the Description or Account Code fields on the BI Portal Transaction Summary report.  

The ITBill Viewer still provides:

  • Online delivery of UW-IT service bills
  • View Bill Summaries
  • View Bill details of a specific ISD
    • Query by Budget Number (Enter Year-Month and Budget Number fields)
    • Query by ISD (Enter an ISD# in the ISD Number field)
  • Export to Excel
  • Self-service bill viewer  – ASTRA access is no longer required
  • Records retention online for six years

How to look up your UW-IT charges (ISDs) in Workday:

  1. Sign in to Workday.
  2. In the Search box, enter “Internal Service Delivery Line Detail R1198.” The choices will appear under the Search box.
  3. Click on the Internal Service Delivery Line Detail R1198″ report.
  4. The Internal Service Delivery Line Detail R1198 screen will display.
  5. Enter the appropriate Company, such as “UW1861”, in the Company field.
  6. Enter “UWIT | UWIT Recharge” in the Internal Service Provider field.
  7. Enter the date range in the “Document Date Starting” and “Document Date Ending” fields.
  8. Enter the appropriate worktag(s) in the Worktags field.
  9. Click OK.


Contact help@uw.edu with “UW-IT Bill Viewer” in the subject line if you have any questions.

Open ITBill Viewer