Getting or Updating Service

Last updated: February 23, 2024
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UW-IT can provide phone lines and desk phones. UW-IT can also add to, move, or change existing phone service. Cell phones and cell phone plans for UW individuals and departments are available for purchase with several discounts available from The Whole U. Customers can also procure and set up their customer-purchased telephone equipment.

Requesting Phone Service

Use these forms to order new UW Phone service or make requests regarding an existing service. To request cell phone service, visit the Cell Phones and Plans page.

Ordering New Phone Service

To order a new UW Phone service, submit a request using the Telecom Help Form.  Before filling in the form, please prepare the following information:

  • UW NetID and display name of the service recipient
  • Location of the new service
  • Worktags
  • PCA details

Requesting Changes to Existing Phone Service

To ask questions, request changes, or report issues related to an existing UW Phone service, please submit a request using the Telecom Help Form.

Using Customer Purchased Equipment

UW-IT leases equipment for most digital UW Phone services, such as VoIP desk phones. Departments must purchase analog line equipment, such as single-line phones, cordless phones, and credit card machines. Departments are also responsible for purchasing optional peripheral devices, such as headsets and adapters.

Equipment purchased by UW Phone customers must be:

  • Reliable, and should suit departmental needs
  • Compatible with existing UW-IT equipment and infrastructure that the department is using, or will use in the future
  • In conformity with all university-wide UW-IT policies

If your department would like to purchase equipment but are unfamiliar with these requirements, please contact UW-IT to discuss these requirements.

Please note that if UW-IT dispatches a technician for a repair request regarding a service connected to customer purchased equipment, and that no issues are found in UW-IT owned equipment or facilities, UW-IT may assess a technician visit fee for the request. UW-IT cannot repair issues in customer purchased equipment.

Purchasing Telephone Sets and Headsets

Requirements for Telephone Sets

Customer purchased single line, 2-line, and 4-line telephone sets should meet these requirements:

  • Be FCC registered, modular plug equipped, and analog capable
  • Have programming built-in set features (speed dial, intercom buttons, etc.)
  • Have repair service available, including battery replacement
  • For 2- and 4-line sets: must connect to RJ11C or RJ14C telephone jacks


  • Some UW Phone features such as Caller ID and Visual Message Waiting may not be compatible with all single line telephones.
  • 2.4 GHz cordless telephones are not recommended because of possible interference with campus Wi-Fi.

Recommended Vendors for Telephone Sets

To purchase from Cortelco, call 206-701-3029 or 800-654-1006 and advise you are from the UW for a discounted rate.

Requirements for Headsets and Adapters

Customer purchased headsets and adapters should meet these requirements:

  • Make and model of set using the accessory


  • Certain set types also require special line programming.

Recommended Vendors for Headsets

Vendor Equipment Note
Headset Innovations Wireless and corded
Poly Wireless and corded
CDW Wireless and corded Only available when purchasing with a UW funding source.
Business Telecom Products Wireless, corded, and accessories Contact 800-457-4287. Advise you are from the UW.
Headsets Direct Corded