UW Zoom Collaborative Whiteboards

Last updated: November 28, 2023
Audience: StudentsInstructorsStaffResearchersIT Staff / Technical

Zoom Whiteboards is a visual collaboration tool allowing students, instructors, and staff to share ideas, work together to solve problems, and enjoy a visual breakdown of concepts and lessons. Whiteboards can be used outside of a Zoom meeting and during a meeting. 

Learn how to get started with Zoom Whiteboards from Zoom support. 
For a more detailed guide to Whiteboards, see the Zoom Whiteboards User Guide

zoom whiteboard example of sticky notes, project workflows, chat with collaborators, indicators of collaborators currently viewing the whiteboard, tools used to design elements of the whiteboard.

Retention Policy

  • Whiteboards that were last modified beyond 120 days will be automatically moved to the Trash. Whiteboards in the Trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days. 
  • Once a whiteboard is moved to trash, the Whiteboard owner can recover it from the Whiteboards Trash and the 120 day automatic delete clock is reset.
  • Users can safeguard whiteboards by starring them so they won’t be deleted. See the Zoom Whiteboards User Guide for instructions.

Basic License Type Limitations

  • UW Zoom users with a Basic License type are limited to three whiteboards with full functionality, including sharing and editing. The three most recently created whiteboards have full functionality. All other saved whiteboards are read-only and cannot be shared. 
  • To avoid saved whiteboards from becoming read-only, share the whiteboard and assign the co-owner role to a licensed UW Zoom user. The licensed co-owner will need to duplicate the whiteboard and re-share the duplicate. See the Zoom Whiteboards User Guide for instructions.