UW Zoom Collaborative Whiteboards

Last updated: January 19, 2023
Audience: StudentsInstructorsStaffResearchersIT Staff / Technical

Zoom Whiteboards is a visual collaboration tool for hybrid and remote teams to work together before, during, and after Zoom meetings. 

Learn how to get started with Zoom Whiteboards from Zoom support. 
For a more detailed guide to Whiteboards, see the Zoom Whiteboards User Guide

Retention Policy

  • Whiteboards that were last opened beyond 120 days will be automatically moved to the Trash. Whiteboards in the Trash will be permanently deleted after 30 days. 
  • Once a whiteboard is moved to trash, the Whiteboard owner can recover it from the Whiteboards Trash and the 120 day automatic delete clock is reset.
  • Users can safeguard whiteboards by starring them so they won’t be deleted. See the Zoom Whiteboards User Guide for instructions.

Basic License Type Limitations

  • UW Zoom users with a Basic License type are limited to three whiteboards with full functionality, including sharing and editing. The three most recently created whiteboards have full functionality. All other saved whiteboards are read-only and cannot be shared. 
  • To avoid saved whiteboards from becoming read-only, share the whiteboard and assign the co-owner role to a licensed UW Zoom user. The licensed co-owner will need to duplicate the whiteboard and re-share the duplicate. See the Zoom Whiteboards User Guide for instructions.