Placing Phone Calls

Last updated: February 23, 2024
Audience: All UW

Learn how to call a campus phone, a local number, a long-distance number, or an international number from your UW phone.

Calling a Campus Phone

You can dial a number on University of Washington campuses or an affiliated organization by dialing their 5-digit extension number or full 10-digit phone number, without the need to first dialing “9”. If using campus phones to dial a full 10-digit University of Washington phone number, the call will be converted to the matching 5-digit extension automatically.

This table outlines the various local phone number area-codes and prefixes, and their matching extensions.

Local phone number Entity Matching  extension Campus dialing
206-221-xxxx UW Seattle 1xxxx  Dial as 206-221-xxxx or 1xxxx
425-352-xxxx UW Bothell 2xxxx  Dial as 425-352-xxxx or 2xxxx
206-520-xxxx UW Medicine 0xxxx  Dial as 206-520-xxxx or 0xxxx
206-543-xxxx UW Seattle 3xxxx  Dial as 206-543-xxxx or  3xxxx
206-598-xxxx UW Medical Center 8xxxx  Dial as 206-598-xxxx or 8xxxx
206-616-xxxx UW Seattle 6xxxx  Dial as 206-616-xxxx or 6xxxx
206-685-xxxx UW Seattle 5xxxx  Dial as 206-685-xxxx or 5xxxx
253-692-xxxx UW Tacoma 2xxxx  Dial as 253-692-xxxx or 2xxxx
206-744-xxxx UW Medicine 744xxxx  Dial as 206-744-xxxx or 744xxxx
206-897-xxxx UW Seattle 7xxxx  Dial as 206-897-xxxx or 7xxxx

Calling a Local or Long-Distance Number

You can make local or long-distance calls from a campus phone. UW Phone service supports dialing 10-digit and 11-digit numbers. To reach any local or long distance number, including toll-free numbers, dial “9” plus the number.

To dial an off-campus phone number:

  1. Press [9].
  2. Dial the 10-digit or 11-digit phone number.


  • If the phone you are using is restricted, enter your UWATS code following the stutter-tone.
  • Ten digit dialing is now required for all off-campus local calls.

Calling an International Number

International calling requires either a UWATS (UW Alternative Toll Service) code or Direct Dial Service. To request a UWATS code, UW Phone service customers can submit a request using the Telecom Help Form.

Alternatively, Direct Dial Service allows a UW phone to dial international numbers without a UWATS code. To request Direct Dial Service, budget owners and their delegates may submit a request using the Telecom Help Form.

Direct Dial Service is helpful when making many international calls but creates more opportunity for fraudulent use. It’s also not a good choice when the person making international calls uses multiple desks and when the phones are accessible to the public.

To dial an international number:

  1. Press [9].
  2. Listen for the dial tone.
  3. Press [011].
  4. Dial the country code.
  5. Dial the city code.
    • If the city code starts with [0], omit the [0].
  6. Dial the local number.
  7. If the total number of digits (including the [011]) is less than 15, press [#].
  8. Listen for the stutter tone.
    • The stutter tone indicates UWATS is required. If Direct Dial Service is enabled for the phone, you will not hear the stutter tone and the call will be connected.
  9. Dial the UWATS code.

UW-IT will deactivate UWATS codes unused in the last 12 months to reduce the chance for fraud. If you find that your UWATS code is no longer functional or if you no longer need it, please notify us using the Telecom Help Form.

Calls to Some Countries Are Blocked

Calls to some countries are blocked due to high rates of fraudulent charges incurred in long distance and toll-free services. Departments with a business need may request exceptions on a per destination number basis. Exceptions will require budgetary and departmental approval, and should be requested at least 3 business days in advance. For further assistance in calling these countries, submit a request using the Telecom Help Form or call 206-221-5000. Please indicate when the exception can expire. UW-IT will remove expired exceptions and reinstate blocks after that time.

Also, please review the policies on unauthorized long distance calls.