Zoom Advanced Polling and Quizzing

Last updated: August 19, 2022

UW strongly discourages using Zoom as a remote proctoring tool. Zoom’s Quiz feature is best used as an in-meeting feedback and engagement function and should not be used for graded assessments.


  • Aggregate quiz and poll results are not available after the meeting. Re-launching the quiz wipes out previous answers.
  • If a poll is relaunched in a meeting, the poll report will only display the last poll occurrence. If you know you will need to launch the same poll twice and want both sets of data, consider creating a second poll with the same questions as the original to avoid re-launching.
  • Quiz and poll results do not show correct or incorrect answers.
  • Points for correct answers are not available.
  • Title of the quiz or poll is not shown in the post-meeting report, making the report difficult to understand which answers are tied to a particular question.

Meeting hosts can launch an advanced Poll during the meeting and gather responses from participants. Limited poll results, such as each participants’ answers and submission times, are contained in the poll reports, which are available after the meeting by default, and can also be made available during the live session. Polls can also be conducted anonymously, if you do not wish to collect participant information with poll results.


  • UW Zoom License. See the UW Zoom FAQ┬áto learn who is eligible for a UW Zoom license.
  • Advanced Polling and Quizzing for meetings must be enabled for your Zoom account.
  • All meeting participants using the Zoom Desktop software must have Zoom software version 5.8.3 or higher on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Meeting participants on the iOS or Android mobile app version 5.8.3. or higher can respond to polls, but hosts need to be using the desktop client to manage polling.
  • The meeting must be either a scheduled meeting, or an instant meeting using your personal Meeting ID.

Alternatives to Zoom Quizzing

Instead of using Zoom’s Quiz feature for graded assessments, you can:

Learn how to launch advanced polls and quizzes (Zoom documentation)