Review UW Zoom recording settings

Last updated: August 16, 2022

UW-IT recently changed the default settings for recording to the Zoom cloud. To maximize cloud storage, some settings have been turned off. Learn more about cloud recording settings.

Previous default settings for recording:

previous default settings for cloud recordings
Previously, all recording types and enhancement features were turned on by default. Now, only “record active speaker with shared screen” is turned on by default.

Current default settings:

current default settings

You can turn settings back on for your recordings. However, please note that turning these settings on creates multiple recording files and requires more space in cloud storage. In particular, optimizing the recording for a 3rd-party video editor requires significant space. Learn more about Zoom recording file types.

Cloud storage is a limited, shared resource. UW-IT offers services such as Panopto for course recordings and Google Drive or OneDrive for Business to support the storage of all recording files.

In addition, if you have turned on the setting to record all meetings automatically, we ask you to consider turning it off and recording meetings on a case-by-case basis.

Review global settings for recording in Zoom

  1. Go to
  2. In the left sidebar, click Settings.
  3. Near the top of the screen, click Recordings.
  4. Under Cloud settings, configure the settings you want to change.

Recordings stored in the Zoom cloud will be deleted automatically 90 days after the meeting is recorded. Deleted recordings are moved to Zoom Trash, where they are stored for 30 days and can be retrieved during this time. Learn how to retrieve deleted recordings.