Share a Zoom Cloud Recording

Last updated: January 18, 2023

UW Zoom meeting hosts who record a meeting to the Zoom cloud can share a URL link of the recording. By default, UW Zoom cloud recordings are restricted to viewers with a UW NetID and downloads are disabled.

The meeting host can get the recording URL share link and change sharing settings. From the UW Zoom Recordings page, click Share.

Zoom Cloud Recording Share Settings

  • Share this recording: Allows the recording to be shared publicly or restricted to viewers with a UW NetID. Switch the toggle off if you want the recording to be private.
  • Add expiry date to the link: Allows you to set number of days or specific date when the link will expire for viewers. Cloud recordings automatically delete after 120 days. If you wish to make the recording available longer than 120 days, download the video and upload to UW Panopto (limited to UW courses), UW Microsoft Stream, or UW YouTube.
  • Viewers can download: Allows viewers to download the video in addition to viewing it online. Downloads are disabled by default for UW Zoom.
  • Viewers can see transcript: Allows viewers to see the auto transcript if Zoom was able to process one.
  • On-demand(Registration Required): Requires users to enter their name and email address before viewing or downloading the recording. The host will be able to download a report with this information.
  • Password protection: Requires users to enter a password before viewing or downloading the recording. After toggling this to on, enter a custom password and click Save.
  • Copy sharing information to clipboard: Copies the link and password (if enabled) to your cloud recording. Share this information to allow others to view the cloud recording.