Public Telephones

Last updated: December 9, 2022
Audience: All UW

Courtesy campus phones are available at various campus locations as a service to the UW community. These phones are generally restricted to on-campus dialing and paid for by the campus departments in their vicinity.

Elevator Phones

State elevator code requires that all public building elevators be equipped with emergency phones. UW elevator phones are programmed to ring to the UW Physical Plant Communications Center (685-0200) at the touch of a button. Outside of normal business hours, these calls are forwarded to the UW Police Department.

UW Medical Center (UWMC) elevator phones, and some in the Health Sciences Building, ring to the UWMC paging operators at 548-6190.

UW-IT provides all elevator phones and lines on campus free of charge.

Security/Emergency Phones

Public security/emergency phones connect callers directly to the UW Police Department (UWPD). They are located wherever the UWPD determines that public or property safety warrants it. Security/emergency phones similar in style to standard units are available, as are weatherproof, explosion-proof, dial-less, and strobe-equipped models.

Dial 911 if you want to place urgent police, fire, or medical emergency calls from a non-security/emergency UW telephone.