Calling on the Go

Last updated: February 26, 2024
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You can extend an existing UW Phones service to your cell phone, home phone, or computer for the service to work on-campus or remotely.

Extension Connect

Extension Connect, also known as EC500, allows you to extend your UW telephone service to a cellular or home telephone number. Extension Connect works for most UW-provided phone numbers and allows you to redirect your UW number to another 10-digit telephone number. When Extension Connect is configured and enabled, calls to your UW phone will ring simultaneously on the designated alternate number.

When your UW phone number receives a call, the call rings within a few seconds on your alternate device. You can answer the call on your alternate device and then continue the call from your UW desk phone, without having to transfer the caller or make a return phone call. You can easily turn on and off the service to control when calls made to your UW phone number will ring on your alternate device.

When Extension Connect is configured and enabled and you are using your alternate device to call another UW phone number, your UW number will be displayed just as though the call was made from your UW desk phone.

Extension Connect also allows you to dial any local or domestic long distance phone number through the UW telephone system. First dial into the UW telephone system with your alternate device, then simply dial any number as if you were using your UW desk phone. Your call recipient will see the Caller ID of your UW telephone number instead of the number of your alternate device.

To order the Extension Connect service, see the Eligibility and Ordering sections below.

Using Extension Connect

Once your line has been configured with Extension Connect, use the following numbers to control and activate the features:

  • To enable Extension Connect simultaneous ringing: 206-897-1165
  • To disable Extension Connect simultaneous ringing: 206-897-1185
  • To dial another extension or number from your alternate device through Extension Connect: 206-897-1100
    • After you hear the dial tone, you can dial a five-digit extension, or a ‘9’ followed by the ten-digit number you are trying to reach.
  • To enable Send All Calls to send all incoming calls to voicemail: 206-897-1179
  • To disable Send All Calls: 206-897-1178


This service is only available for UW-IT provided phone numbers that have the prefix of 221, 352, 543, 616, 685, 692, or 897.

If you have phone service provided by UW Medicine, the UW Medical Center, or Harborview, please contact the follow support groups:


UW Phone service customers can submit a request using the Telecom Help Form or by calling the helpdesk at 206-221-5000 for UW-IT to set up your Extension Connect service. When requesting via email, please include your UW extension and the 10-digit alternate number that you want to use with Extension Connect.

Telecommuter VoIP

UW Telecommuter VoIP phones allow UW faculty and staff to connect to the UW phone system from an off-campus office, such as home. These phones work like they are on campus, providing staff and faculty the ability to work from home or an off-site office, as long as broadband internet access is available.  All UW phone features are available including:

  • 5-digit extension dialing
  • Long-distance dialing
  • Transfer
  • Voicemail
  • Conference
  • Call Logging

For call center agents, call center access is also available for them to meet the needs of their customers without having to commute to the office.


To install a Telecommuter VoIP phone, the off-campus site must meet the following networking prerequisites:

  • Available surge-protected power outlet.
  • Available ethernet outlet within 15 feet of the VoIP phone.
  • Broadband internet access, e.g. CenturyLink/Comcast.
    • Requires a minimum up/down bandwidth of 96 kbps.
  • Modern router with DHCP and UPnP functionality.

Telecommuters must also update their remote working address:

  • The remote working address must be entered into the UW-IT Emergency Location Management for Off-Campus Phones web portal here.
  • The remote working address must be updated to reflect the current remote working location.

Ordering and Setting Up

UW faculty and staff are eligible for the Telecommuter VoIP service. UW Phones service rates apply. Refer to UW Phones in the UW-IT Service Catalog for details.

Follow the instructions in Ordering New Phone Service to request the VoIP phone. UW-IT will configure the phone and deliver it to your on-campus office. UW-IT can also ship the equipment to your off-site location at additional shipping cost.

Note: Telecommuters outside of Western Washington must purchase the VoIP phone. International calling rates may apply.

Once the phone is delivered, you can install your Telecommuter VoIP phone by following the instructions in Telecommuter VoIP Phone Installation.

Avaya Workplace (Softphone)

Avaya Workplace (formerly known as Softphone) is a software application that runs on your Windows or macOS computer. It can be used in companion with your UW desk phone or replace it completely. Avaya Workplace works both on- and off-campus, and is a great way to take your phone with you as you travel around campus or work remotely.

To learn more about the application, visit the Avaya Workplace page on UWare.