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Telecommunications Upgrade Project

A major upgrade to the UW’s telecommunications systems is underway, with UW-IT implementing a new Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone service. This service will leverage a single state-of-the-art network that integrates the delivery of voice, video and data to will meet the demand for collaboration and productivity tools to support students, faculty and staff. More about the Telecommunications Upgrade Project

Bundled Rate Service

UW-IT is simplifying telephone billing for its customers with a unified rate of $8.70 per line per month, beginning July 1, 2015. The new rate will combine basic phone service, a telephone handset, voicemail, and unlimited local and U.S./Canada long-distance calling. The $0.53 increase for customers currently paying for basic phone service and telephones covers increased system maintenance costs and includes long-distance calling, which will no longer be billed separately. Also included is the Avaya softphone, for both PC and Mac, that allows users to virtually move their phone lines among campus locations. Customers who must continue using legacy analog lines will see larger increases due to the cost of maintaining the infrastructure for that technology.

Customers who need to make international calls will need to transition to vendor-provided calling cards. Details on this transition will be provided soon.  In the interim, we will continue to provide UW-IT international long distance service for an extended period using the same UWATS code or direct dial capability you currently use. This will ensure there is no disruption in campus telecommunications services.

Phone Rate and Long Distance FAQ’s

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