MyUW Release Notes

Last updated: August 11, 2022

Class List and Enrollment Count Improvements

Aug 30, 2018

This release improves alphabetical ordering on classlists, and enables display of a combined roster for joint courses.  Also, the course enrollment count was improved for both current and previous quarter sections, now utilizing an event processor for real-time updates of the enrollment count.

Improved Support for Joint Sections

Aug 6 and 13, 2018

In two releases, improved support for officially joint sections was added.  Joint courses are now labeled as such on the teaching page course cards.  Also, single mailing lists can be created for joint courses.

International Student Content

July 23 and 31, 2018

In two separate releases, MyUW added content and links specifically for international students.  In collaboration with international student services on the three campuses, a content card with specific resources for international students is now available, as well as a new link in Quick Links, and the ability to target notices specifically to international students.

UW Continuum College Course Meeting Times

July 13, 2018

Many Continuum College courses have different meeting days and dates over the quarter (e.g. 3 specific Saturdays).  With this release, MyUW now displays a list of the specific course meeting (or no-meeting) dates.  Additionally, bugs were fixed.

Migration to SAML2 for Authentication

July 9, 2018

In support of the UW-IT effort to retire Pubcookie, MyUW now uses SAML2 to authenticate users.

Additional Error Messaging

July 3, 2018

This release adds many card-level error messages to provide better feedback to users when one or more of the data providers MyUW relies upon is unavailable.

Graduate Student Resources, Bug Fixes

June 27, 2018

New resources for graduate students have been added to the UW Resources page.  In addition, many issues were addressed in this and a previous release on June 21st.

Retiring Legacy MyUW

June 14, 2018

This release directs all users to the new, modern MyUW application, and retires the legacy MyUW system.  So long, old friend!  And of course, many defects were addressed with this and a few other releases in June. See our Github release notes for details.

MyUW Support Dashboard Access and Bug Fixes

June 7, 2018

An integration with ASTRA controls access to the MyUW Support Dashboard, and expands access to approved student services and IT support groups.  Astra Integration enables two levels of authorization to be granted to individuals in both the MyUW test/eval environment and the production environment. Authorization gives users access to either a limited version or the full version of the MyUW support tool.  Additionally, thirteen issues were addressed with this release.

Notice Enhancements

May 16, 2018

With this update, a notices card on the home page features both critical and non-critical notices.  Notices appear to all affiliations (not just students), and custom notices can be added manually through the MyUW support dashboard.

Individual Start Course Dates and Bug Fixes

May 10, 2018

This release adds the student-specific start and end dates for Continuum College individual start courses, as well as other bug fixes.

QuickLinks Improvements, PCE MyUWClass Access

May 8, 2018

This release adds the ability to add a text label when creating a Quick link, provides access to MyUWClass pop-up for PCE instructors, and other bug fixes.

New UW Resources Page for All Users

April 25, 2018

With this release, all MyUW users have access to a set of frequently used and import resources, or links, to help them navigate to key UW systems and websites.  Categories of resources can also be pinned to the Home page for quick and easy access.  New users of the new MyUW now can take view a visual tour to help them get familiar with the new arrangement of content and features.  In addition, the MyUW team fixed dozens of defects in seven other releases throughout March and April 2018.  See our Github release notes for details.

Tuition and Fees Card Updates and Bug Fixes

Feb 15 and 22, Mar 1, 5, and 8, 2018

This series of releases addressed many defects and usability improvements, as well as revising the Tuition and Fees card in support of UW Continuum Colleges new online payment portal.

Improved Content for Campus Residents, Alumni, Retirees, and Former Students and Employees

Feb 14, 2018

With this release a separate Housing card provides resources for Seattle campus residents.  Additionally, default content was released for alumni directing them to UW Alumni Association information, as well as default content for UW retirees, and former students and employees. This release also included many bug fixes. See our Github release notes for details.

Visual Schedule Improvements

Feb 7, 2018

This release updates the visual class schedule to improve display of quarter start, early fall start, off-term courses, and finals.

Instructor Course Dashboard

Jan 26, 2018

MyUW teaching course cards now provide instructors with a sneak peak at course stats, and a link to the Course Dashboard.  Learn more about the MyUW Course Dashboard.

Supporting UWC2 Online Registration

Jan 26, 2018

This release updates the student registration card to make usability improvements and provide relevant links for UW Continuum College students, in preparation for the transition to online registration for fee-degree students.

Class List Updates

Jan 5, 2018

This update streamlines class lists for instructors to provide faster access to the CSV download, a simple table view, and adds auditors as well as secondary section information.

Husky Experience Toolkit

Dec 27, 2017

This releases adds additional messages to the Husky Experience Toolkit, as well as other bug fixes.

Maintenance Releases

Dec. 5, 2017 and Dec 19, 2017

These releases address many defects, including an issue with displaying the Academic calendar.

Applicant Content, Account Page Resources, and Bug Fixes

Nov 21, 2017

This update provides content for applicants to the UW on MyUW, allowing them to verify their active applications, and navigate to the application status page for more detailed information. It also moves resources from the footer to the sidebar and content cards for the Accounts page to make accessing these links more convenient.  Also many bug fixes. See our Github release notes for details.

Student HR Card and Bug Fixes

Oct. 19, 2017

Displays employee card to student employees and adjusts card order for employees.  Includes other updates to address defects.

Adding Academic Resources and Bug Fixes

Oct 10, 2017

Moving resource links from the footer to the academics page to make accessing these resources faster and more convenient for students. Also releases fixes for 10 issues. See our Github release notes for details.

Quick Links Restored

October 4, 2017

On September 26, 2017, due to extremely high load during the first days of autumn quarter, we had to temporarily disable the Quick Links feature. The high usage of this new feature revealed a defect in the data store, which overwhelmed the database server capacity.  The Quick Links feature was disabled to improve performance of the rest of the new MyUW, and continue to provide access to class and teaching schedules, account balances, and other critical information.

On October 4, 2017, we released a fix that addressed the performance issue while preserving each user’s customized list of links.

We thank you for your feedback and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced during this temporary outage.

Thrive Messaging for Transfer Students

September 14, 2017

This release redirects all incoming first year and transfer students to the new MyUW, and adds Thrive messaging for transfer students.

Thrive messages are weekly targeted messages displayed on MyUW that support first-year students as they acclimate to campus and the UW, and determine their program of study.  The additional messages released today specifically support transfer students as they join and adapt to the campus and UW community.

Thrive messages are the product of a collaborative effort between UW-IT AXDD and Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Instructor & Staff Release

July 27, 2017

With this release, instructors can easily keep track of their teaching schedule and access their class information and tools. We’ve curated frequently visited teaching resources so they are easy to find and convenient. Employees can view their UW accounts and find frequently used resources.

What’s New

  • Academic Calendar to reference when planning your class, schedule, and holidays
  • Visual Schedule with map links to find your classrooms
  • Textbooks conveniently listed in one place
  • GradePage and Course Evaluation status for your classes
  • Class Email Lists are easier to create and manage
  • Past courses taught are available for up to six years
  • Personalized Quick Links that also list popular and recently visited pages
  • Husky, Library and UPASS account information is always visible
  • Workday and related HR links are highlighted for easy access

New Home Page, Menu, Account Summaries, Quick Links, Log out

June 20, 2017

  • Menu & Pages – We moved cards onto pages. Use the menu at top left to navigate to Academics, Profile, and Accounts. The home page will still show timely content and notices, like your registration date and financial aid deadlines.
  • Week Counter – We know things can get hectic, so we added a counter to remind you which week of the quarter you’re in.
  • Account Summaries – A summary of your critical accounts appear in the top right of the home page. Click any of them to go to the Accounts page.
  • Search – Maybe you’ve noticed we added search recently? It’s the same search as on!
  • Quick Links – Access popular links and recently visited sites. Customize the list of links by adding your own.
  • Log out easier – We moved the logout link to the top right corner of every page: look for “Sign out.”
  • PCE schedule – We added support for PCE off-term and non-credit course schedules.  Changes to the visual schedule show your typical weekly schedule for different time periods throughout the quarter.

Future Majors and Minors

May 2, 2017
This release adds students’ future quarter major and minors in two locations: on the registration card, which appears two weeks before registration period 1 begins, and in the student profile.  Current major was already displayed to students.

Google Search, and Date Controlled Messages

April 27, 2017
This release adds Google custom search to the new MyUW.  In addition, the release adds an API for displaying system messages in a banner, with a start and end date (in support of the SERU survey message.)

U-Pass Membership Status

March 30, 2017
This release that adds U-Pass Membership status to the new MyUW. In addition to status of a user’s U-Pass, this release adds date and campus-based contextual messaging and resource links to help users troubleshoot their U-Pass status, and direct them to the most helpful information about their U-Pass options.

UW NetID and UW Medicine Account Password Information

March 16, 2017
In this release, MyUW will display UW NetID and UW Medicine password content. UW Medicine password content includes date of expiration and status of the Medicine password, and a link to the password reset page. Only medical workforce users see this content. UW NetID password displays date last changed and a link to the update password application. Password data comes from the UW NetID web service.

Fixes for Future Quarter Textbooks and Textbook Card Control

March 6, 2017
This release fixes defects that interfered with proper display of future quarter textbooks, and the control to navigate from the textbook card.

Improved Error Messaging

March 2, 2017
This release comprises improved error messaging for system and data source outages, including the following:

  • Improved 500 error (displays static links when MyUW application cannot respond)
  • Textbook card formatting and error handling (for bookstore data source outage)
  • Improved handling of Student Web Service outage

Thrive Winter & Spring 2017 Messages; Performance Improvements

December 29, 2016
This release updates Thrive messages for Winter and Spring 2017 quarters, and improves performance by prefetching expected restclients services for the page.

Fix: Restores Links to Choose the New or Old MyUW

December 8, 2016
This release restores functionality to the URLs that allow students to opt in or out of the new MyUW system. To opt in, visit and to opt out visit

Maintenance: Fix Broken Links

November 14, 2016
This release fixes numerous links to resources whose URL had changed.

Maintenance: Upgrade to Django 1.10

November 8, 2016
This release upgrades the technology framework for MyUW to Django 1.10.

Revise Display of Tuition Credit

November 7, 2016
At the request of student fiscal services, the the Tuition card now adds the label “Account Credit” when the student has a positive balance, in order to prevent students from reading a $ ## CR balance as an amount owed.

Enhanced Support for Email Services

October 17, 2016
This release adds an additional 15 email services to the set of services that MyUW supports. Now, users of the additional 15 email providers, in addition to users of Office 365 and Gmail, will find a direct link to their email in the header of MyUW.

Maintenance and Usability Improvement for “No registration found”

August 15, 2016
This release adds the specific quarter name to the “no registration found” message, so that students who don’t register for summer quarter (a majority of students) do not mistakenly think they have not registered for autumn quarter. Also, at the request of UW-IT CI-IAM, this release adds support for 16 character UW NetIDs.

Revised Redirection Logic

June 30, 2016
This release revises the logic for which users get directed to the new MyUW system.  The logic is as follows:

  1. chose legacy → old site
  2. opt-in list (see comment in MUWM-3673) → new site
  3. staff employee (15 days grace) → old site
  4. current faculty → old site
  5. current grad → old site
  6. undergrad → new site
  7. fallback → old site

Library Currics API for Subject Guides

June 13, 2016
This release switches to using the Library’s API for fetching course subject guides.

Maintenance: Accessibility and Other Fixes

April 14, 2016
This release applies accessibility fixes for disclosures on assorted content cards, enables registration and MyPlan links to be tabbed to while hidden under a disclosure, and customizes resources links for graduate student affiliation.

MyPlan Integration

April 7, 2017
This release integrates MyUW and MyPlan, adding planned courses and ready to register information to the quarterly registration card on MyUW, as well as links to finish planning if a student’s planned courses aren’t ready to register.

Thrive Spring 2016 Messages

March 17, 2016
This release publishes Thrive messages for first-year students for Spring quarter 2016.

Maintenance: Bug Fixes

March 15, 2016
This release fixes five bugs.

Thrive Winter 2016 Messages

December 21, 2015
This release publishes Thrive messages for first-year students for Winter quarter 2016.

Maintenance Release: Bug Fixes

December 14, 2015
This release fixes three bugs.

Desktop View and Thrive Messages

September 15, 2015
This release enables the new MyUW responsive design, now with views for both desktops and mobile devices. This release also includes Thrive messaging for first-year students, the result of a collaboration with the Office of the Provost.

Financial Aid Notices

August 27, 2015
This release adds notices that support the financial aid application and financial aid disbursement cycles. Thanks to the Office of Student Financial Aid for collaborating with the MyUW Team and UW-IT Student Team to add these important notices for students.

Content for Newly Admitted Students

August 3, 2015
This release  provides notices and content for newly admitted students (commonly referred to as the “new student checklist.”)  Thanks to the UW-IT Student Program for their contribution to this effort.

Relevant Events, Accessibility, Library Guides

April 13, 2015
This release integrates MyUW with the UW Event Calendar system.  Students will now see events from departmental event calendars hosted on the UW Event calendar system (Trumba) that are associated with their enrolled majors and minors. Accessibility fixes to improve navigation with screen readers and other accessibility tools were also released.  Course cards now provide a link to a course or subject specific library research guide.

Textbook Cards

March 2, 2015
This release adds a separate Textbook Card on the main page, with time-based hide/show logic.

Academic Calendar

February 24, 2015
This release integrates MyUW with the UW’s Academic Calendar, which is powered by the UW Event Calendar, powered by Trumba.

Maintenance: Improvements to Card Order, and Other Stuff

December 15, 2014
This release re-factors and improves card ordering, and testing tools for card ordering by date.  Also, the releases blocks auditors from seeing grades for courses they are auditing, and correctly displays courses links for courses that are cross-listed in Canvas.

Release: New content cards, updates card ordering

December 4, 2014
This release adds a separate final exam schedule card, a final grades card, displays student’s local and permanent address and directory release settings, and updates the timely reordering and hide/show of content based on quarterly milestones.