Pivot Advising Tool

Last updated: August 8, 2022

Pivot is an advising tool that displays the average GPA and grade distribution of students who have been accepted and have declared for a particular major. Advisors can use this standardized, up-to-date information to better inform students who are applying to a capacity-constrained major and help them formulate a backup plan, if necessary. For students who have had difficulty getting into a major or have had a change of heart, this tool helps them to “pivot” and chart a new academic path.

Pivot also shows the 10 most commonly taken courses by students who have declared for a particular major, providing insight into what declared students had taken inside and outside their major prior to declaring. Additionally, Pivot shows the median grade declared students received in these courses, which can help advisors gauge a student’s competitiveness or help them set goals for upcoming courses.

If you have EARS access you can access Pivot at https://pivot.uw.edu/. If you are an academic adviser or student support staff who does not have EARS access, please visit this site to find the person who can authorize you. Please contact Henry Lyle for additional information on Pivot or if you are having trouble accessing to the tool.