About MyUW

Last updated: August 11, 2022

What is MyUW?

MyUW provides access to online resources at the University of Washington for anybody with a UW NetID. MyUW is a simple and easy-to-use tool for finding the resources. Based on your affiliations with the University (campus, student status, employee, instructor, staff, etc.), MyUW anticipates and provides current information.

Usage Guidelines

All students, faculty, and staff at the University of Washington are responsible for using computing and networking resources in an ethical and legal manner. University policy prohibits account theft, file theft, violation of informational privacy, and penetration or harm to operating systems or to others’ files. If abuse of computer systems occurs, those responsible for such abuse will be held legally accountable.

When you use UW computing resources, you agree to the following conditions:

  • To respect the intended use of all computer accounts for university research, educational, and administrative purposes.
  • To follow the rules and regulations governing the use of UW facilities and equipment.
  • To respect the privacy of others by not sending them unwanted email messages, misrepresenting them when sending email, or tampering with their accounts, files, or data.
  • To use only your own user identification (UW NetID), to use it for its intended purposes, and not to share it with others.
  • Not to attempt to break a computing system or harass other people.
  • Not to use university-owned computers for illegal purposes, such as unauthorized copying of licensed or copyrighted software, images, or files.
  • To read and understand the guidelines and laws regarding computer and network use.

Comments or Questions?

Please contact MyUW via help@uw.edu to send your comments and questions.