Prereq Map

Last updated: August 11, 2022

When students plan which courses to take, they must navigate a complex landscape of prerequisites, frequently across multiple disciplines. Prereq Map makes this easier by visually representing the prerequisite relationships among courses. Prereq Map allows students to view not only the prerequisites for a course, but also what a course is a prerequisite for. Course search mode in Prereq Map, showing prerequisites to CSE 321 and courses that can follow CSE 321

At a glance, the Prereq Map allows students to:

  • View prerequisites for a specific course
  • Visually explore paths opened by a specific prerequisite course (view courses it is a prerequisite for)
  • Discover courses and majors related to courses they found interesting (by exploring prerequisite relationships)
  • Plan pathways to upper division courses

The Prereq Map also helps curriculum planners:

  • Discover bottlenecks
  • Evaluate impact of proposed curriculum changes

For students and advisers

Course planning can be tough for students: Which courses have prerequisites? Which courses are prerequisites for other courses? Prereq Map helps students view which courses must be taken prior to others, and which courses are available once a prerequisite course has been completed. Students can also discover courses and majors related to courses they found interesting.

For curriculum planners

For administrators, curriculum planning has its own challenges: Some course sequences may be difficult for students to navigate. By providing a “bird’s eye view” of a curricula’s prerequisite structure, Prereq Map helps administrators discover bottleneck courses (those that are a primary gateway to upper level courses), and to evaluate the impact of adding or removing instances of those courses that are in high demand.

After searching for and clicking on a course, the PreReq Map shows the prerequisites for a course and the courses for which that course serves as a prerequisite


Important notes

  • Prereq Map shows current prerequisites. When planning several quarters out, keep in mind that prerequisites may change over time.
  • Prereq Map is based solely on course prerequisites and does not take into account specific requirements for graduation.
  • Not all equivalencies (e.g., placement tests) are represented in the map — just courses. You can find some equivalencies in the text description, or you can speak with an adviser.
  • Remember to talk to your adviser when course planning.

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