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Managing bookmarks in MyUW

About Quick Links

While your custom links haven’t been migrated from the old MyUW, we hope you find the new Quick Links tool easy to use, and that over time you can add all the links you need.

Quick Links appear on the right side of the MyUW home page, and offer a customizable list of popular links and links to sites you’ve recently visited.

You can add to Quick Links in three ways: adding a recently visited link, a popular link, or adding your own link manually.

Recently Visited links

MyUW remembers the five most recently used links you have clicked from within MyUW, including from search results. One way to create the links you need is to search for the page, click to open it, and then add it to Quick Links the next time you return to MyUW.

Watch this short video about how to add a recently visited link to Quick Links

Add a popular link to Quick Links

At the bottom of the Quick Links panel, click popular links. Hover the cursor over a link and then click the plus sign that appears to the right of the link.
steps for adding a popular link

Add your own link

At the bottom of the Quick Links panel, click add your own. Type or copy and paste the URL of the website in the space provided, and click Save.

Can I move my list of links from the legacy MyUW to the new MyUW? 

Our analysis of usage data showed that only 0.7% of active MyUW users added five or more bookmarks. This data convinced the MyUW team to put time into an easy-to-use Quick Links feature instead of migrating user’s custom bookmarks. We apologize for the inconvenience this creates for those who relied more heavily on the bookmarks feature.

If you have a large collection of bookmarks, consider saving your links in a Google or OneNote document, then add a link that goes from Quick Links to your collection. That way, you still have quick and easy access to all the resources you’ve saved, right in MyUW.

If you have collected a lot of bookmarks, the following links provide helpful information for managing your collection with your browser:

The MyUW team will continue to review the resources and links on the legacy MyUW, as well as feedback from users like yourself, and add additional highly used and requested links and resources to the new MyUW.