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Schedule Builder

Schedule Builder is a MyPlan feature that helps you with course schedule planning. It provides a visual calendar that allows you to see up to 25 possible schedules. You can select which courses and sections will best fit your calendar for the upcoming quarter.

You can pin schedules and save them for later. When it is time to register, you can refer to your pinned schedules for easy access to course and section information. Once you have your final schedule, you can easily send courses to registration.

Accessing Schedule Builder

To access Schedule Builder, log on to MyPlan or go through the MyPlan link on MyUW. Once you have logged on, go to the Academic Year View.

To use the Schedule Builder feature, you will need to have some courses in your plan for the upcoming quarters that have a published time schedule. If you don’t have any courses in your plan, you will need to add some first. For our example, we will add COM 220 and POLS 202 to our course plan.

To find out more about how to search for courses, review the Find Courses guide.

Once you have courses in your plan, navigate to the Academic Year View page and select the quarter for which you want to create a schedule. Select Build Your Schedule in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Schedule Builder can create up to 25 possible schedules to view. Selecting a calendar block displays schedule details. You can compare different schedules by selecting one of the blocks under the section “Possible Schedules.”
screenshot of schedule builder page
Different schedules are denoted by different colors. You can display up to three possible schedules at a time in the calendar grid. If you want to select another schedule, you’ll first have to deselect one of the three schedules that are currently displayed.
Screenshot of comparing schedules in Schedule Builder

Include/Exclude Sections

On the Schedule Builder page, you will see an area titled “Include Sections that” with a default option selected. This default option ensures that Schedule Builder will only return open sections, those without enrollment restrictions, and those that do not conflict with your current registered courses. Schedule Builder excludes sections that are currently closed or overlap with courses you are already registered for. You can change these options by checking the boxes “Are currently closed” and “Overlap with my registered courses” respectively. If there is a course with enrollment restrictions that you want to take, speak to your adviser to learn more about how you can do so. If you want to know more about enrolling in a Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) course, visit the PCE website. To view your changes, select the Update button.

screenshot of Schedule Builder Inclusions

Exclude Days and Times

You can also exclude sections that meet on days or times that conflict with your other activities by selecting Add days/times under “Exclude sections that meet on” in the center of the screen.
screenshot of Schedule Builder exclusions

  1. Select Add days/times to open a pop-up menu.
  2. Select the day(s) and adjust the slider bar to choose the times you would like to exclude from your schedule. Select Add. If you want to edit or delete, select Edit/Delete.

Add to Plan

  1. Select an individual calendar block to see section level details and check if a course section is currently available or has enrollment restrictions.
  2. To add a specific section, select the plus button on the right side of the pop-up window.

screenshot of adding section

Pin Your Schedule

  1. You can save a possible schedule by selecting the icon shaped like a pin next to the View/Register button in the blocks at the top of the calendar.
    screenshot of Schedule Builder Register Courses
  2. Once you have selected the schedule you want, your pinned schedule will appear in the rightmost corner of you screen under the “Pinned Schedules” block. You can pin up to 3 schedule options for future planning. You can also select the trash icon to delete the pinned schedule. You can send your courses to registration by selecting the View/Register link below the pinned schedule.

Register by Choosing a Schedule Directly

If you have already selected the sections you want, you can send your courses to registration by selecting the “View/Register” Button.
screenshot of Schedule Builder Register Courses

Troubleshooting Schedule Builder

If the Schedule Builder is empty after adding courses, go to the corresponding Registration Preview page, which can be found next to Build a Schedule on the navigation bar. The Registration Preview pgae shows details for courses and will highlight common issues like time conflicts between planned courses or registered courses.

Select Show all scheduled sections to see the detailed view under each class. You can check to see here if there are any time conflicts between classes.
screenshot of selecting detailed class view