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Domain Migration Blueprint

Getting Started with Migrating to a Delegated OU

Each migration to a delegated OU will be different–your environment and existing Windows domain is different than everyone else’s. However, there are many things in common. This document tries to capture those commonalities and give you a blueprint to follow. Like any building project, you’ll need to adjust what you actually do to fit the materials and conditions you find instead of blindly following this blueprint.

In general, at a high-level, there are two different approaches to domain migration:

  • a do-it-all-yourself approach, leveraging dual ACLs, a bulk group upload tool, manual computer migrations on your timeframe, and removal of the dual ACLs once all migrations are complete
  • a UW-IT assisted approach, leveraging UW-IT expertise on a time and materials basis, in which there would be used: a user and group sidHistory tool , a bulk group upload tool, automated computer migrations on your timeframe leveraging a delegated ADMT console with automated reACLing.

In terms of deciding which approach to use, the UW-IT assisted approach is a little safer because it has a tool designed to fix ACLs, and can provide sidHistory. Do note that if you need extended assistance, it can involve a cost recovery expense. With the UW-IT approach, you remain in control of when any given computer is migrated. With the do-it-yourself approach, you are in control of the entire process and costs are only your staff time.

Contact to engage UW-IT in migration assistance.