Incident Response

Last updated: September 30, 2022
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Our goal is to minimize user downtime, and to help ensure your services are running as expected.

Your server’s incident support level was established at the time you requested it. If you did not specify 24×7 support, then the default incident support level of 8×5 is likely what your server has.

Emergency requests such as server-down conditions can be submitted to UW-IT via the “Submit an incident report” form found on Please limit incident reports to scenarios where UW business is impacted.

Please include the name of the server and your contact information. Operations staff will page the on-call engineer for your system and the issue will be handled as soon as possible, subject to the server’s incident support level. You may also contact UW-IT Computer Operations staff 24×7 via a call to (206) 221-5000.

8×5 Incident Support Eligibility

This is the default incident support level. If you did not request 24×7 incident support at the time you requested your server, then it is likely this is the incident support your server has.

Regardless of what you requested, any server running an unsupported operating system or that is not covered by a warranty will get Incident support during UW business hours only, limited to our best effort, and may incur time and materials billed directly to your budget.

Again, use the incident report form found at

24 x7 Incident Support Eligibility

Windows Managed Servers have 24×7 incident support if the server is running a maintained and vendor supported OS. For physical servers the hardware must be covered by a current warranty.
Exceptions may be granted by the Windows Managed Server service owner on a case-by-case basis.

Again, use the incident report form found at


Routine requests can be submitted via email to Be sure to include the name of your server in the body of your request so that it will be routed to the appropriate team. Typically these queries will be responded to within 2 business days or less.