Enterprise State Roaming

Last updated: November 15, 2023
Audience: All UW

Enterprise State Roaming is a feature for Windows 10 users that are using a device which is Entra ID device registered (either Entra ID joined or hybrid joined). User gain the ability to securely synchronize their user and application settings data to the Microsoft cloud. These settings follow the user across Entra ID registered devices, providing for a unified experience.

This feature can ease the transition to a new device, but should not be considered a backup of data stored on devices.

For more background information, read Microsoft’s documentation about Enterprise State Roaming.

In the UW Entra ID tenant, this feature is enabled.

What is synchronized?

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Theme
  • IE settings
  • Saved passwords
  • Language preferences including keyboard layouts
  • Ease of access settings
  • Other basic Windows settings like mouse settings
  • Any universal Windows application which has been designed to take advantage of this feature

A bit more detail about what is synchronized is available in the Microsoft FAQ about Enterprise State Roaming.

What if I think this is not working right?

Microsoft has a troubleshooting page which lists some known errors and steps for troubleshooting. UW-IT would ask that you review this doc, then open a request via email to help@uw.edu with a subject line of “Enterprise State Roaming” if you still feel you have an issue that needs attention.