Last updated: January 30, 2023
Audience: All UW

This document describes NETID users–their uses and the various resources for learning more about them.


NETID users is a term which refers to the Active Directory based user accounts in the NETID domain ( at the UW. All NETID user accounts are provisioned from the UW NetID service with passwords.

Additional directory information is synchronized to NETID users on what are called NETID user managed attributes.

Not all NETID user attributes are visible to all other NETID users. With business justification, additional visibility can be granted.

IT personnel can gain the ability to view and manage Active Directory specific user attributes on specific NETID users.

Many applications integrate with UW NetIDs using LDAP authentication via NETID leveraging NETID users and groups.

There is lifecycle management separate from the UW NetID lifecycle. In brief, if a user isn’t in active use for a year, it is disabled. Users that have been disabled for a year are deleted. To find out more, read about NETID User Inactivity.

Many of the details underlying NETID users are described in the MI Architecture Guide.

Use Cases

There are many use cases for NETID users, but the most common are:

Resources for Learning About NETID Users