NETID User Limitations

Last updated: October 20, 2023
Audience: IT Staff / Technical

NETID user accounts have limitations which IT Administrators may need to be familiar with. This document explores those limitations.

Limitations Imposed by Policy

There are several limitations imposed by MI Policy. These include:

Limitations Imposed by Architecture

There are limitations imposed by architecture which may change over time. These include:

Limitations Imposed by Lack of Solutions or Interest

  • There are likely user attributes for which there is existing institutional data which NETID is not currently provisioning. And we aren’t provisioning that data, because you haven’t expressed interest in it so we can prioritize it. So please contact us and ask.

Further Discussion

You might wonder why we don’t simply just put users into department-based OUs. The answer to that question comes from the fact that there isn’t good institutional data around department affiliation, there isn’t even a registry for “official” UW departments, and then there’s the pesky problem of users which have multiple departmental affiliations. It’s very rare for a university of any size to have a central AD with users split into multiple OUs because these problems are pretty common.

Several departments have crafted workaround solutions which address the needs behind some some common user attributes. These workaround solutions have been documented and are generally useful.

However, we have also provided some management functionalities for user attributes. The approach we’ve taken leverages the user’s consent that your department provides their IT support. See NETID User Support for more details. Currently, only a handful of NETID user attributes are manageable via this functionality, but more NETID user attributes can be added upon request.