Cable, Pathway, Wi-Fi Materials & Services Contract

Last updated: November 21, 2022
Audience: IT Staff / Technical

Cable/Pathway/Wi-Fi Materials & Services Contract UW16-0902JG

This web page displays the Specifications for the Term Cable/Pathway/Wi-Fi Contract UW16-0902JG.
The specifications below address nearly all voice, data, and wireless requirements for projects that will connect to the University-wide network. Projects involving these requirements are coordinated by UW-IT Communications Infrastructure office.

Contract Specifications and Design Instructions

These documents are made available in two formats: MS Word and PDF. These are provided for the use of Vendors of the UW16-0902JG Term Cable/Pathway/Wi-Fi Contract. PDFs viewing (requires Adobe Acrobat).


Document PDF Word
Section 27 17 23
October 2018
Communications Infrastructure
Section 27 17 51
September 2018
Copper and Fiber Optic Communications Cable Plant
Section 27 17 52
November 2018
Wi-Fi Communications
Section 27 17 53
August 2017

November 2016
Coaxial Cable
Section 27 17 54
October 2016

To view the standard drawings and spreadsheets that provide pictorial representation and support the standards established in the contract specifications use the UW-IT DESIGN GUIDE.

The “Boilerplate Specifications and Design Instructions” section of the UW-IT DESIGN GUIDE home page is not intended to govern this contract.