Sign in to UW Zoom with a Shared NetID

Last updated: March 19, 2024
Audience: All UW

Follow these steps if you are trying to sign into UW Zoom using a Shared UW NetID.

Note: Using Shared UW NetIDs is possible, but not recommended with Zoom. A host account can host only one meeting at a time. When a second user tries to sign in and host a meeting on the same Zoom host account, the first user is automatically logged out. Using a UW NetID that is shared by several people may cause meeting time conflicts, resulting in potential meeting interruptions.

  1. Sign out of all UW and Zoom websites.
  2. Quit the browser to clear your NetID login session.
  3. Open a new browser session, making sure that you are not signed into any sites. 
  4. Go to
  5. Click Sign In to UW Zoom.

    Next, you should see the UW sign in page.
    UW Weblogin page
  6. Enter the Shared UW NetID and password. 
  7. You should see your Zoom profile page. To confirm that you are signed into the correct Zoom account,  look at the personal meeting ID on the profile page.
    • UW Zoom users: If you see “” then you are signed into the correct standard UW Zoom account. The links for UW Zoom account meetings all begin with